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Road trip to Einbeck Germany

31 May 2022 | Destinations, Europe, Germany

Einbeck is a historic town located in the state of Lower Saxony or Niedersachsen. The town is situated in the Leine valley, at the confluence of the rivers Rhume and Leine. In this post, I will share how to explore this town by embarking on a summer road trip to Einbeck Germany.

Einbeck has a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. Today, the town is a popular tourist destination, with many attractions and things to see and do. 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Hildesheim

Road Trip to Einbeck Germany: Things to do, and stops along the way

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was invited on a press trip, but all the experiences and opinions are my own. 

Starting the road trip from Hasselt, Belgium: Car rental, train, or public transportation

I am from Belgium and my trip to Einbeck began from Hasselt in Belgium. Hasselt is a beautiful city located in the province of Limburg, Belgium. It is known for its picturesque canals and lovely old town. Hasselt is also the perfect starting point for a road trip to Einbeck Germany.

If you are driving, you can get a car rental at Hasselt. Remember to fuel up for your trip, and save our post as your route planner. 

Or start from the Hasselt Central Station. 

Your first stop on this road trip is Hildesheim. 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Hildesheim

Hildesheim, Germany (Stop 1)

You will arrive in Hildesheim in about 5 hours by car, or over 7 hours by train.

Hildesheim is a historic city in Germany’s Lower Saxony region. It is located in the district of Hildesheim, about 30 kilometers southeast of Hanover. The city has a long history dating back to the 8th century when Charlemagne founded it. 

Today, Hildesheim is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage. There are many things to see and do in Hildesheim, making it a great destination for a day trip or longer vacation.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Hildesheim

Some of the top sights and attractions in Hildesheim include the historic Market Square, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Mary, and the Old Town Hall. Visitors can also enjoy the city’s many parks and gardens.

Hildesheim is well-known for its distinctive churches. The Cathedral and St. Michael’s, which were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985, are gems of church construction with world-renowned art collections.

The legendary 1000-year-old rosebush growing the cathedral’s apsis is another asset that will pique people’s attention. The massive 13th-century ceiling painting depicting Christ’s family tree in St. Michael’s Church is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful early Roman-style churches.

The historic market square is another must-visit, and this is where the heart of the Christmas market in Hildesheim beats.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Hildesheim

For those interested in history and culture, Hildesheim is home to several museums, including the Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum and the Dommuseum.

Whether you’re looking to explore history, experience culture, or simply enjoy some time in the great outdoors, Hildesheim has something to offer everyone. Plan a visit to this charming German city and see for yourself why it is such a popular tourist destination.


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Restaurant: Restaurant Gildehaus 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Hildesheim

Göttingen, Germany (Stop 2)

The next stop on this road trip to Einbeck Germany is Göttingen.

Göttingen is a historic university town in the German state of Lower Saxony. It is the capital of the district of Göttingen. The city is home to the Georg-August University of Göttingen, which was founded in 1734, and the renowned Max Planck Society.

Göttingen is a popular tourist destination, especially for international visitors. The city has a lively student population and is known for its many bars and pubs. There are also a number of museums and galleries in Göttingen.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Göttingen

If you’re looking for things to do in Göttingen, Germany, here are some suggestions:

Explore the University of Göttingen. Being a University city, the University of Göttingen is in the limelight. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Germany. It is home to a number of important research institutes.

Visit the Göttingen State and University Library, which is one of the largest academic libraries in Germany. It houses over four million volumes, making it one of the largest research libraries in Europe.

Take a walk through the Göttingen Botanical Gardens of the University. It is a beautiful place to take a stroll and see a variety of plants and flowers.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Göttingen

The Old Town of Göttingen is not to be missed. The Old Town is a beautiful mediaeval city centre that is full of historic buildings and cobbled streets. It is a great place to go shopping as well. There are guided tours of 2-4 hours that take you through the history of the city, and its nuances.

I joined a Göttingen sightseeing tour called the “Around the Gänseliesel”, and really enjoyed it. It was an afternoon well spent!

The Göttingen Museum is a large museum that houses a collection of art, natural history, and cultural artefacts.

You can also go on a tour of the city cemetery (which has graves of Nobel Prize Laureates), or the Luisenhall salt works.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Göttingen

There are also cellar tours in the city, such as the “Historical cellars in the old town”, which lasts 2 hours, and it is jam packed with fun facts and details. 

These are just a few of the many things to do in Göttingen, Germany, and which you can easily explore in a day. 


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Restaurant: Gaudi 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Göttingen

Einbeck, Germany (Final Stop)


Göttingen to Einbeck is only a 30 minutes drive or train ride. You can plan to arrive here by evening after sightseeing in Göttingen. 

After looking at a map of Germany, you will know that Einbeck is beautifully nestled in the middle of the heart of the country, among the softly rolling hills between the Weser Uplands, the Harz, and the Solling.

Einbeck is a charming city located in southern Lower Saxony, Germany; it is also the largest in the area. It is located in district Northeim.

Einbeck is known for its well-preserved half-timbered houses and beautiful gardens, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the German countryside.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Things to do in Einbeck Germany


There are many things to see and do in Einbeck Germany,

Visit a museum 

The town has a number of museums, including the Stadtmuseum Einbeck which is dedicated to the history of the town. There is also the Saline Salzhelden – Ausstellung, with over 700 years of history. 

Love vintage cars? Visit the PS.SPEICHER, which houses a staggering 1,200 classic motorcycles, 630 cars of all sizes, 200 trucks and buses, a collection of electric vehicles, and another of Lanz Bulldog tractors.

This is actually one of the largest vintage car museums in Europe! 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Wander the historic Old Town

Stroll through the historic old town and take in the architecture in Einbeck with its medieval buildings and cobbled streets. Here you will find centuries-old half-timbered houses in the Altstadt, which are some of the most iconic buildings in Einbeck.

You can also head to the tower of the St Jacobi Church to soak in the amazing colors of this town!

If you want to do something fun, you can also rent a bike and explore the city and surrounding area.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Visit a brewery

Einbeck has over 700 years of brewing. 

When in the city, you must visit the historic Einbecker Brewery, which is one of the oldest breweries in Germany. And know that there’d be no bock beer without Einbeck!

I highly recommend going on a guided tour to learn about Einbeck’s brewing history, and also sample some of the local beer at one of its many breweries.

I went beer tasting in the Brodhaus, and absolutely loved it!

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Did you know that ‘Einbeck is home to Germany’s oldest beer barrel and choir stalls’?

You can also join a – Light beer and dark shadows guided tour’ in Einbeck. This is an evening tour that showcases the charming half-timbered houses of Einbeck under the night lights, the Diekturm tower, and churches.

You can also climb the tower of the St. Jacobi Church in the market square at night, finish the tour with Einbeck beer, and listen to brewing stories – the perfect way to end the evening! 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Cultural activities 

If you are a culture and history lover, do check out the Einbecker Blaudruck, which is the traditional craft of indigo printing on fabric. This is also a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. There are guided tours of Einbeck Blue Dye printing, which I was happy to have experienced!

You will also love a guided tour with an ascent to the Tower of the Market Church, so do add this to your Einbeck itinerary. 

In the month of April through October, Einbeck Germany also showcases a city tour, known as the ‘Through the centuries’, which is worth checking out as well, when visiting during this time. 

Being a historical city, one of the relaxing and amazing things to do in Einbeck is to enjoy a stroll through old fortifications, whilst cherishing the rich heritage that it breathes in. 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

For outdoor lovers

For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy in Einbeck. The town has a number of parks and hiking trails. There are also outdoor swimming pools for those hot summer days

Prefer to hike? You can take a hike through the scenic countryside surrounding Einbeck.

One of the popular outdoor activities is to go on an e-bike ride to the Leinepolder bird sanctuary located near Einbeck Germany. 

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Enjoy a festival in Einbeck

Einbeck is also home to a number of events and festivals throughout the year. The most popular event is the Einbeck Carnival, which takes place in the summer. 

Other events include the Einbecker Maifest, which is held in May, celebrating the brewing history and the Einbecker Herbstmarkt.

Einbeck’s Christmas market, which is set against the backdrop of picturesque half-timbered homes from the end of November to the end of December, is a festive environment in which to celebrate Christmas. You’ll discover something here whether you want to drink mulled wine, eat delicious snacks, or buy little presents.

Do check out the Einbeck Christmas Market, it is one of the best in Germany!


Hotel Recommendation: Hotel Goldener Löwe

Restaurants: Diner im Brodhaus | Lunch Snack im Gil & More

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Beyond Einbeck Germany


If you wish to extend the road trip, you can head over to Salzderhelden. Salzderhelden is located a few kilometers from Einbeck. And located here are the ruins of 13th-century fortress Heldenburg. 

You can join an hour’s guided tour to hear exciting interesting stories about the illustrious past of the Grubenhagen branch of the Guelph dynasty and their residence at Heldenburg.



You can also plan a day trip to Hannover from Einbeck. Hannover to Germany travel time is only an hour away by car.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck

Hannover is the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. This historic city is home to a number of interesting sights and attractions, making it a great place to visit. Here are some of the best things to do in Hannover, Germany:

  • Tour the New Town Hall
  • Explore the Herrenhausen Garden
  • Shop in the Altstadt (Old Town)
  • See a play at the Schauspielhaus theatre
  • View art at the Sprengel Museum

After an eventful road trip to Einbeck Germany and the pretty towns in between, you can return to Belgium – where you started!

There are many small, charming cities located throughout Germany. If you’re looking for a more laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, these smaller German towns and cities may be just what you’re looking for.

The half-timbered houses and the beer history of Einbeck, the charming University city and heritage of Göttingen, and the beautiful churches and historic town center of Hildesheim, will surely impress you. These towns are perfect for a visit at all times of the year, including Christmas markets, which Germany is especially known for!

Are you looking for some more German travel inspiration? What about a road trip from Essen Belgium to Essen Germany? Or a beautiful scenic road trip visiting castles and more. Are you more of a city trip lover, read all about two days in Berlin here.

Road trip to Einbeck Germany - Einbeck


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