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Dreamy Things to do in Brihuega Spain

20 Jul 2021 | Destinations, Europe, Spain

Brihuega is located in the province of Guadalajara in eastern-central Spain. It has a modest population of 2,835 inhabitants. Known for its lavender fields, stunning countryside, outdoors and nature parks, you must add a trip here from the capital city of Madrid. In this post, I will share all the dreamy things to do in Brihuega Spain for an epic day trip (and Instagrammable shots!)

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things to do in Brihuega Spain

10+ Dreamy things to do in Brihuega Spain

Where is Brihuega Spain located?

Brihuega is located in eastern-central Spain, to the northeast of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha. Guadalajara is known for its agricultural-based industries, and with a strong heritage tracing back to the Middle Ages.

Brihuega is perfect for a day trip from Madrid, as well as those holidaying in the Castilla-La Mancha region.

Distance from Madrid is 1 hour, covering a distance of about 92 kilometers. You can travel by car, or take a train. 

Train travel takes about 3.50 hours (and also includes a bus ride. Line 033 bus). You can start at Atocha in Madrid (train station), and then change for a bus at Guadalajara – Renfe. It will cost you about $17+ USD one way.

The nearest airport of course is Madrid – Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport. You can easily pick up a rental car from here for your day trip. 

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Where to stay in Brihuega?

Hostal Rural Santa Barbara

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La Fuensanta Hostal-Rural

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Tryp Guadalajara Hotel

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things to do in Brihuega Spain

Wander the town of Brihuega

Brihuega Spain is characterized by the beauty of the Tajuña Valley. The history of the town and the province is shaped by the Battle of Guadalajara (1937).

When you visit Brihuega you will be getting an opportunity to understand Spain’s past and soak in the outdoors at the Cifuentes and the Upper Tagus Natural Park. Because the town is not huge, you can easily combine a trip to Hita and the city of Guadalajara, capital of La Alcarria, located in the north of Brihuega. 

When in Brihuega do check off the following attractions:

The Castle of the Piedra Bermeja is a must-visit. This is where you will see a unique work of architecture with design elements taken from Arab, Romanesque, and transitional Gothic styles. 

Address: Prado de Sta. Maria, S/N, 19400 Brihuega Spain

The main square of the town is the 16th-century plaza known as the Plaza del Coso. The old town hall is also located at the square. The building of the town hall dates back to the 18th century but it was recently rebuilt (in the 20th century). 

You will also find the site of the Tourist Office here, and the Royal Prison of Charles III is open to visitors.   

Fuente de Los Doce Caños is another historical landmark in the town with a series of water fountains. 

Address: Plaza Herradores, 19400 Brihuega Spain

Brihuega also has a rich bullfighting heritage. The bullring, named “La Muralla” was inaugurated in 1965. 

things to do in Brihuega Spain

Go on a tour of the Real Fábrica de Paños – Royal Cloth Factory 

Real Fábrica de Paños dates back to 1750 when it was founded by Ferdinand VI as a branch of the Guadalajara factory. This factory helped the province economically. 

But its heritage is richer than that. You must admire the Baroque door and the Versailles gardens located here. 

If you love scenic views, then I highly recommend soaking in the panoramic sights of the village, the Tajuña, and the Church of San Miguel from here. 

Address: Location of San Miguel Church and Real Fábrica de Paños is 19400 Brihuega Spain

Visit the interiors of Prado de Santa María

Prado de Santa María is a stunning church located in Brihuega town. It is known as the Cathedral of Military Orders. The building is a transitional Gothic building. 

The cathedral had undergone several rounds of restoration work, with the most recent one giving it its current appearance. Its origins, however, go back to a Romanesque shrine. 

Admire the facade of the Church of San Felipe 

If you have time on your hands, you can also pay a visit to the San Felipe Church. This church has traces of late Romanesque style, adorned with a beautiful façade.


Explore Arab Caves

You wouldn’t believe it but there are hidden tunnels underneath Brihuega, Spain. The tunnels are about 700 meters long, and it was used for food storage and defense against enemy attacks. 

These caves are accessible for every traveler. 

There is a tourist office on the main square that guides you to the cave (access, safety, and other information). The caves are accessible, and there are clear signs and lights for you to access. If you need assistance, you can ask a guide/butcher to help you out for 2 euros. 

Address: Plaza Coso No 7, 19400 Brihuega Spain


Visit Museo miniaturas Profesor Max – speciality museum 

Museo miniaturas Profesor Max is a miniature museum and a delight for families traveling with children. You will find cute and small vehicles, houses, among other things.

Address: Convento de S. Jose, Brihuega Spain

things to do in Brihuega Spain

Check out the lavender fields Spain – Brihuega Festival de la Lavanda

One of the prime attractions in Brihuega Spain is their annual Festival de la Lavanda or the Lavender Festival. 

This festival takes place in the month of July every year, during which Brihuega turns into a purple paradise with gorgeous lavender fields in full bloom. The lavender farm is set on a thousand hectares of land. 

things to do in Brihuega Spain

The Brihuega Festival de la Lavanda also welcomes visitors with music and food fests. Here are some things to keep in mind when you plan your trip,

  • There is a dress code for the festival, and it is white clothes
  • Do wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking
  • Concerts at sunset: There is live music, and food trucks, and dining options available as well
  • Gastronomy: Dinner is amazing as it is completely outdoors under the blanket of stars

You can get more information about the festival here.

things to do in Brihuega Spain
things to do in Brihuega Spain

If you do not have access to a car, you can join a bus tour from the town (travel by train-bus as mentioned above to Brihuega). 

The bus tour is for an hour, and they take you around the lavender farm area and provide you with information and details about lavender. You do get 30 minutes of free time at the fields for exploration and photos! These fields are stunning, especially at sunset. 

things to do in Brihuega Spain

Go swimming in the Entrepeñas Reservoir and Buendía Reservoir

Located very close to the lavender fields is the river reservoir – Embalses de Entrepeñas y Buendía. This reservoir is located in the Alcarria Baja of Guadalajara, on the bed of the Tagus River. 

Along with the Tagus River, it also receives waters from the nearby Valdetrigo, Barranco Grande, La Solana, and Ompolveda rivers. 

You can go swimming at the Embalse de entrepeñas and the Embalse de Buendía rivers (Entrepeñas Reservoir and Buendía Reservoir). Do remember to carry swimwear and a change of clothes!

things to do in Brihuega Spain

Go hiking by the rivers

With stunning views of the Buendía and Entrepeñas Reservoir, a hike around the river is a must. The landscape of the viaduct in Entrepenas reservoir with the low-level water makes for stunning nature photos.

In the summer months, you can possibly see drought-like landscapes. Do remember to carry sunscreen and water with you!

We hiked in and around the mouth of the river, alongside it. It was an easy hike. 

You can also check out the Dam Entrepeñas overlook, and soak in the river and landscape from here!

things to do in Brihuega Spain

Explore the outdoors Parque natural de la Serranía de Cuenca

Parque natural de la Serranía de Cuenca is a natural park located in the city of Cuenca. 

Although this is located away from Brihuega – about an hour and 45 minutes, if you love the outdoors, and scenic drive then you must head there as well, along with the lavender farms.

The park gets its name from the mountain range located there. It also features unique rock formations, interpretive trails, and gorgeous views. Serranía de Cuenca is classified as a Natural Site of National Interest aka Natural Monument of Spain. 

The park occupies an area of 73,000 hectares and is spread across 10 municipalities, and is close to the northwestern end of the Alto Tajo Natural Park. So the park is massive, and you can easily spend an entire day here (or more) enjoying the drive, short or long drives, and exploring cute mountain villages.

things to do in Brihuega Spain

When in Serrania de Cuenca, head to the Mirador lookout, which is located near the parking lot of the Enchanted City. You can embark on a short 1.5 km easy walking trail, and go bird watching or snap amazing photos. 

At the end of the trail is a view of the village of Una along with two dams, situated against the backdrop of stunning cliffs. 

The roads leading to Una are very beautiful with aqueducts, and hill views for miles. 

Because the natural park is spread across so many municipalities, depending on the drive you can also stop at Aragon and explore the walled town of Albarracin. 

I hope you found this guide on the Spanish town of Brihuega useful in planning your trip. All in all a visit to the annual lavender fields is a must if you are vacationing in Madrid. These fields are at their best in the later days of July.

things to do in Brihuega Spain

If visiting at other times of the year, do stop by the Arab Caves, and explore the castle and royal factory of Brihuega. Don’t forget to add a road trip to the nature parks and hit the nearby trails. 

Have more questions about Madrid or Brihuega Spain – let me know in the comments!

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