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2 days in Maaseik Itinerary – Top things to do in Maaseik

1 Mar 2022 | Belgium, Destinations, Europe

Maaseik is a beautiful town located in the Belgian province of Limburg. This small town has a lot to offer visitors, including some great places to eat, interesting historical landmarks and plenty of outdoor activities for nature lovers. So if you’re looking for something offbeat to do in Belgium, these 2 days in Maaseik is a great start! 

Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik

**disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but this doesn’t change the fact that I share my own honest experiences.**

2 days in Maaseik itinerary: Top things to do in Maaseik


If somebody had asked me a year ago to go to the East of Belgium to explore Maaseik, my heart wouldn’t have immediately beaten faster. But fortunately, the pandemic has made me reflect on sustainable travel – particularly when it comes to traveling closer to home. 

Over the last few years, I’ve taken the time to fully discover what Belgium has to offer –  so I was truly filled with joy when we were invited to go on a 2-day adventure by Tourism Maaseik. 

A staycation in my own country and back to my roots, because as most of you already know, I come from ‘de Limburg’. And let’s be honest, nobody in our country is as sweet, kind, and welcoming as Limburgers. So I jumped in the car with a big smile on my face, heading towards the recreation area Warredal in Neeroeteren.

Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik
Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik

About Maaseik and travel tips


The town of Maaseik is a quaint little place located in the Belgian province of Limburg. Maaseik has a lot going for it, including some great restaurants, fascinating historical landmarks, and plenty of outdoor activities. These features make it an excellent destination for people who love nature or history!

Maaseik, which is located in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, is home to around 25 thousand fascinating people. The city was first mentioned in written records back in 1244 (City Charter). It has a rich history behind it – at one point, this place used to be the capital of an independent territory known as the County of Loon. 

During that period, Maaseik was one of the most commercial towns in Europe. There are still some remnants of its illustrious past left intact – for example, houses in Maaseik are mostly made up of red bricks, which were used during the construction of Maaseik’s central marketplace.

How to get to Maaseik

There are several ways to get to Maaseik in Belgium. The easiest way is to take a train from Brussels Airport, which will take you directly to Maaseik.

If you’re coming from another part of Belgium, there are also trains that will take you to Maaseik from most major cities. Once you’re in town, it’s easy to walk around and explore!

Brussels to Maaseik is an hour and a half by car. 

Looking for something to do in Maaseik? Here are some interesting suggestions for 2 days!

Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik

Day 1 of Maaseik 2 day itinerary (perfect for adventure lovers)

To kick start our stay in Maaseik, we arrived at a gigantic domain, passing through a meadow full of deer and horses. We were warmly welcomed by the tourist office of Maaseik, most of all by our guide Lieve Weetjens. 

We went over the program for the next two days. It was definitely a jam-packed schedule – and we found out we were going to get lots of lower body exercise during our trip as well! 

The program showed several cycling activities (and by several, I mean a lot). 

We decided to have lunch before jumping on the bike. Just one kilometer from the domain is Brasserie ‘ t Bakkemieske, where we enjoyed a delicious scampi salad. They have a splendid terrace under the sun, a large playground for children and most importantly, they provided a top service! It was a wonderful way to begin our stay in Maaseik. 

After lunch, we kicked off our cycling tour. Did you know that Maaseik is part of a cycle path network of over 2,000 kilometers – most of which are completely car-free and pedestrian-only? 

The unique junction system, the convenient cycling map (for sale at Maaseik Tourism), and the handy number plates at each junction point help you find your way without a hitch, even if you want to spontaneously divert from your intended course. 

We were well equipped for our rides with a couple of electric bicycles from Maro. You can rent an electric bicycle here from 30 euros/day, including an assistant and replacement service in case of malfunctions. This was my first time on an electric bike, and it was such bliss! 

We cycled along the most beautiful viewpoints and met some retired gentlemen who were simply enjoying nature and the views while resting on a bench. 

I immediately understood why they spent their day here, in the middle of pure nature, overlooking the boats sailing quietly through the water. 

Realizing how wonderful life is here in Maaseik, I felt the tension in my body disappear and relax (for the first time in a long while).


We paused our bike ride for a walk in the Duinengordel. The three areas of the Duiengordel lie only a few kilometers away from the National Park but show you the typical landscapes of the Hoge Kempen. A wonderful environment for stretching your legs!

A little later we visited some mills. As a visitor, you can see the water mills in their traditional way and learn many things about them, thanks to the mill guide who enthusiastically tells you endless facts and stories. 

Unfortunately, these visits to the mills aren’t operating during our visit, but luckily the city has found a solution (aka virtual tours)! 

Download the Heritage app on your smartphone to add an extra dimension to your bike rides or hikes. In GrensPark Kempen – Broek, you can use the app to run the waterwheel or millstone of an ancient watermill. You can use your smartphone as a virtual key on the ports of many mills.

We ended our first day with a delicious dinner on a small island in Neeroeteren in Brasserie Fabulous. It was such an idyllic place to be. 

The restaurant is hidden behind boats in a beautiful setting – the ideal place to enjoy a cocktail and a stunning sunset. You can also go for a kayak trip here on the Zuid-Willemsvaart.

Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik
Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik

Where to stay in Maaseik? We spend the night in Nature-Lover’s paradise 


We spent the night in an exclusive treehouse in the Warredal recreation area, located near the Hoge Kempen National Park and the Bergerven nature reserve. 

Every nature lover, young and old, is certain to fall in love with this place. Sleep peacefully among the trees in the middle of nature (without WiFi)! It’s ideal for a romantic weekend for two or an adventurous weekend with the whole family. 

There are plenty of activities to experience in the adventure park, like laser tag, bumper ball, archery tag, stick hockey… and there’s even a climbing park! In addition, you can also go hiking or cycling in the area.

Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik
Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik

Day 2 of Maaseik 2 day itinerary: More biking! 

During our second day, we discovered the Maas Valley by bicycle. The Maas Valley guarantees hours of hiking and cycling fun. Over the centuries, the Maas modeled a versatile and fascinating landscape in Limburg. It’s so wonderful to simply relax here. 

In the coming years, the RivierPark Maasvallei will develop itself into a unique ecosystem of 2500 ha. This area is also the ideal backdrop to practice nature-related sports.

By the way, there’s a good chance that you’ll suddenly see a group of wild Konik horses during your trip along the Maas. These horses feel perfectly at home in the rugged nature. They live here all year round and are self-reliant, thanks to their strong bodies. 

The horses live in a naturally organized herd and influence the development of the ecosystem with their manure.

Growing tired of cycling, or just fancy trying something new? Try your hand at some paddleboarding on the Maas at SUP Club Maasvallei. SUP originated in Hawaii and stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding. 

It’s really easy to pick up – you simply stand on a board with a long paddle to move around. It is one of the newest water sports, and can now be practiced in Limburg. 

We ended our wonderful relaxing weekend with lunch in restaurant De Bokkerijder at 26 Grote Markt in Maaseik. It is the oldest restaurant in the city, where you can sample our delicious Belgian cuisine, with a French touch and the best service.

Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik

Explore Maaseik: More things to do in Maaseik (history, culture lovers)

Besides outdoor cycling, there are still a lot of other wonderful things to do in Maaseik. Moreover, the city is located right in the middle of the Euroregion, making it the perfect base to explore. 

Both the Netherlands and Germany are nearby, which is ideal if you’re looking for a trip that is a little longer than a weekend away. 

Maaseik has exciting events all year round. Check out the website for all the events.

Visit the historical landmarks in Maaseik

Maaseik is a fascinating town with a rich history dating back to 1232. One of the best things to do in Maaseik is to visit the historical landmarks. Some of the most interesting landmarks in Maaseik include the following:

  1. The central market square – Around the market of Maaseik, there is a wealth of historical buildings. Many of them date back to the 17th century. Informative signs provide a concise explanation for each building. It’s made up of beautiful red bricks and is a great place to take a walk and admire the architecture. Head to number 46, where you’ll find the oldest private pharmacy in the country. The colorful pharmacy is definitely worth a visit. When you enter the museum, you’re instantly catapulted back to the 18th century. From 1704 to 1959, six generations of pharmacists sold pills, ointments, and medicine here. Make sure to check out the extensive collection of pots that really steal the show here. The most striking element on the market itself is the statue of the brothers Jan and Hubert Van Eyck. Many ancient writings showed that these painters (best known for their unique piece ‘The Lamb of God’) lived in Maaseik. Did you know that you can also enjoy some virtual museum tours?
Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik
Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik
  1. Saint-Lambert Church of Neeroeteren: Until October 2020, ‘Flemish Masters In Situ’ will be taking place throughout Flanders. The Flemish government and Public Art Property Flanders spotlight work of art created especially for a specific location, which is still in their intended local setting. This event helps special works of art in smaller cities receive the attention they deserve. You can also enjoy a dazzling interior in the Sint-Lambertuskerk.
  2. Maaseik City Hall: If you are a history buff, you’ll definitely want to check out the Maaseik City Hall, it has been declared as one of the key monuments of Limburg. 
  3. The Regional Archaeological Museum: Visit the Regional Archaeological Museum and learn about the region’s history! Also, take the time to admire the various buildings and churches in the old town of Maaseik, such as the Saint Anne’s Church, Aldeneik, and Saint Catharine’s Church!

Take a boat ride on the river Meuse

The River Meuse flows through Maaseik, and there are several boat tour sites that you could check out. Some of the Maaseik boat tours offer a ride-along with the town’s historical landmarks with commentary.

And in others, you can also rent a boat and on a journey on your own. You can hire these boats for an hour, or even longer if you’d like!

Explore Maaseik by night

Do you fancy a one-of-a-kind evening stroll? Discover Maaseik by night! While gathering at the marketplace, the night falls suddenly and creates a magical setting. A guide will then take you on a journey through the city to discover its history. 

Projections of old photos along the way truly bring the memories of the past back to life. Light-hearted stories and funny anecdotes ensure that you will be drawn back in time. 

Tip: Book in advance at Maaseik Tourism. It costs 4 euros and is organized every Saturday in July, August and September between 22:00 and 23:00. 

Visit Wijndomen Aldeneyck 

Wine grapes in the Maas Valley? This region never ceases to amaze me… In the picturesque village of Aldeneik near Maaseik lies the 10-hectare vineyard of Karel and Tine Henckens-Linssen. You can get acquainted up close with wine-growing in the Meuse Valley. 

Walkthrough the beautiful vineyards, the press house, and the winery accompanied by an expert and enthusiastic explanation. All the wines can be tasted as well, which is ideal if you’re still looking for a souvenir to take home. 

View the website for more info and reservations.

Two days of nature and adventure in Maaseik

Go horse riding in Belgian Limburg 

Limburg has been a paradise for horse riders for years. Step, trot, and gallop from junction to junction over mostly unpaved paths and sandy soil. Numbered signs will show you the way. Get prepared for your stay in the horse province – take a look at

Discover all the horse-friendly cafes and places to stay, and book right away. You can even plan your entire route online!

Float around in a hot air balloon in Maaseik 

Hot air ballooning is a great adventure. You never know where the wind will take you.

At Ral ballooning, you can even help with all preparations before you float above the Maasland. (By the way, chances are that your landing will take place abroad!) 

Go for a walk in the nature reserves

For people who love nature, there’s no better way to spend the day than by taking a walk in one of Maaseik’s beautiful nature reserves. 

Two of the most notable nature reserves in Maaseik include Kempen Nature Park and Zoniënwoud (Sonian Forest).


Kempen Nature Park: Kempen Nature Park is a beautiful nature reserve located near the town of Maaseik. It will take about 20 minutes by car to get there. This nature reserve is known for its large flora and fauna and bird population. There are around 6000 species that make their home here! 

At Kempen Nature Park, you can go on a relaxing walk through the nature trails or rent a boat and explore the river, Meuse.

Zoniënwoud: Located about an hour and a half away from Maaseik, this forest offers a relaxing experience. Zoniënwoud is a serene forest located in the southeast part of Brussels. 

The Sonian Forest was a favorite hunting ground of the Habsburg Imperial family in the past. 

2 days in Maaseik

Eat at some of the local restaurants

Maaseik is an excellent place to try out some delicious local cuisine. There are many restaurants in this town that you could check out.

  1. Bienvenue – This restaurant is a Michelin star, located in the Market Square in Maaseik. It specializes in local Belgian cuisine, along with French food! 
  2. Ratatouille – This is the number one place to eat in Maaseik, offering Belgian and international cuisine! Although the menu prices are expensive, the food is great!
  3. Restaurant le Bouchon – If you’re craving French food, this place is a great spot to check out! They have a variety of sweet and savory crepes that you could try.
  4. Tapas & Zo – This restaurant offers amazing Spanish tapas and offers vegetarian options for visitors to Maaseik. The portions here are good and the prices are very reasonable. If you’re looking for an affordable meal in Maaseik, this is your best bet with a nice variety! 
2 days in Maaseik

Attend one of the cultural events that take place in Maaseik throughout the year


If you’re looking for something seasonal to do in Maaseik, be sure to check out the cultural events that take place throughout the year. Check out the website of Maaseik, for more general info or events.

Some of the most popular events in Maaseik include the following:

  1. Kennedy March – This festival takes place in April. Passage of the 80 km-long Kennedy March starts in Sittard (NL) and goes through the border area.
  2. Carnival Procession in Maaseik – This event takes place in May, where it was supposed to provide a feast for the poor by wealthier citizens. It is a renowned Carnival procession today, and I recommend joining it when in town! 
  3. Ceramics Market Maaseik – In June you can attend the Ceramics Market and fest in Maaseik. You will find tons of items to choose from!
  4. Christmas Market – The Christmas Market is a festive event that takes place every year in December. It features a variety of stalls in the old town where you can buy local handmade items, like wooden toys and ceramics.

In Maaseik, you can truly relax and unwind away from the crowds. It’s the perfect place to enjoy delicious regional products, nature, and good food – and on top of that, you’ll be pampered everywhere. 

There’s a wide choice of boutique hotels and Air BnB’s in the region, and there are also numerous camping sites. 

I must honestly admit that it’s been a long time since I came back home feeling so relaxed from a trip. 

Maaseik is the perfect staycation for both young and old. There’s always something going on, as numerous events are organized throughout the year. One thing is for certain – you won’t be bored even for a second in this beautiful region! 

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2 days in Maaseik

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