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Things to do in Otivar Spain – Glamping Spots & more

29 Jun 2021 | Destinations, Europe, Outdoors, Spain

Looking for the best Spain glamping spots? You will love this one located in Andalucia, a few miles away from Granada – Finca Arriba. In this guide, I am sharing my experience glamping here as well as all the beautiful things to do in Otivar Spain and nearby areas to make the most of your getaway!

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Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

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10 Things to do in Otivar Spain: Glamping Spots & more


You might be wondering where is Otivar in Spain? Otivar is located in the southern part of Spain in the Vale Verde or Tropical Valley at the Costa Tropical, close to Granada and Malaga. So if you are vacationing in these two cities (or even in Seville) you can add a trip to Otivar.

The name Otivar comes from the tropical fruits (mango, avocado, medlars, papaya, bananas, citrus fruits) that can be grown here, thanks to the microclimate.

The location of Otivar will blow your mind. It is located between the sea and the mountains with breathtaking views and they will just rejuvenate your mind and soul after a long week’s work!

The glamping spot of Finca Arriba in Otivar Spain is perfect for eco-minded people who love to unwind or for people who like to hike or to enjoy a bike holiday. 

So let’s dive into the area and activities a little bit more.

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots
Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Finca Arriba – Spain Glamping Lodges & Luxury Glamping tents

Finca Arriba is an off-the-grid glamping location, located 550m above sea level, this mesmerizing space welcomes you to a peaceful environment with tons of greenery, and outdoors with breathtaking sea and mountain views.

This accommodation is owned by a young couple from Belgium, who wanted to provide an intimate and boutique travel experience in the lap of nature! At this glamping location, you will find 2 eco-lodges and 1 glamping tent (which can accommodate two adults). 

Both the lodges and the tents have comfortable (real) beds with linen and uninterrupted views (to die for!). 

Imagine waking up to this every morning – blissful right?

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Finca Arriba takes care of your stay. Inside the lodge and tent, there are towels and a private bathroom with an outdoor shower and sink. There is a compost toilet, to save water because they are off-grid and water is scarce in dry Andalusia. (every flush normally you would need 10 liters of water.)

On the property, you also have access to a kitchen where you can cook your meals. The accommodation package also includes a fresh breakfast with lots of fruits. 

You can also opt for dinner, made by the owners, and request to eat vegetarian during your stay.

It is important to note that the property is completely off-grid, which means they have solar panels for electricity, a water tank of 70.000 liters to provide water for showers and dishes.

There is a beautiful pool and sunbeds as well. Oh…you will also love the garden!

If visiting in the winter you must stay at their beautiful yurt. They will build a new yurt in the upcoming winter, which will provide a bit more space and this is great if you are visiting the property as a family. The yurt can accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids. 

To get to the property is a mini adventure because the roads are very narrow and steep; so definitely arrive before the sun goes down, as the roads have no street lights!

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Explore Rio Verde Spain


When staying at the Finca Arriba you must visit Rio Verde. It is located about a 25-minute drive from Finca Arriba, and I highly recommend visiting it.

Rio Verde is perfect to cool off on a hot summer day, you can go swimming in Rio Verde, do a river walk or go to waterfalls.

Junta de les Rios is where the rivers Rio Verde and Rio Negro meet, and they form beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear pools. You can bathe in these pools or relax by the poolside and sunbathe. 

Rio Verde makes for an offbeat attraction in Spain, and this route is hardly explored on any touristy trail. 

Entry fee: 5 euro per person and 5 euro per car. 

Note: Roads towards Rio Verde are terrible.

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Junta de Los Rios for a river walk


Junta de Los Rios is the junction of the rivers. It is a natural preserve – technically located in Granada. It is about a 23-minute drive from Otivar, and the coolest thing to do here is to go on a river walk – just like water hiking. 

The park is about 18 kilometers and is the point where the two rivers (Rio Verde and Rio Negro) come together in Rio Verde. 

Junta de los Rios Gorge is also great for a hike with amazing nature surrounding you. One of the most popular hikes is the one that starts at the turquoise pools, and it takes you to the falls in about 2 hours. 

This area is kids friendly and can be completed with children and pets too. I recommend spending a full day here and exploring. 

Do bring small snacks and a picnic mat to relax and catch a breath of fresh air. 

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Rio Verde canyoning in the Sierra de Almijara


If you are feeling adventurous go canyoning at the beautiful Rio Verde canyon in the Sierra de Almijara. 

Until recently this area was unexplored, but today you can join a canyoning group tour which is led by an expert.

These thrilling canyoning activities are suitable for all ages. And the guide provides a safety briefing on arrival and collects the necessary gear to work your way through the canyon. 

As part of a canyoning tour, you get to rappel from rocks up to 15 meters high and get an adrenaline rush as you take optional jumps from rocks and slide across the river bed. 

After a thrilling climb, you get to soak in the emerald green waters and admire all the natural beauty around you. 

There are quite a few day tours that you can join in, including many that start from Granada. The route to the canyon passes through the beautiful countryside and here is where you will find the ‘tropical valley of Andalucia’. 

Here is a tour that you can book if traveling from Granada. But it is closest to Finca Arriba (30 minutes), and it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Granada. 

You can also go paragliding in the area. 

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Photo by @Niccola

Mountain biking or biking with electric bikes in La Molineta


There are quite a few mountain bike trails in the area where you can enjoy scenic trails and more.

There are many mountain bike trails in the area where you can enjoy scenic trails and more for different levels. Challenging technical single tracks in the mountains, off-road tracks to the coast, less technical gravel tracks, etc. The region is suitable for cross country mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes, and downhill.

The most popular dowhill track among all the biking trails is the La Molineta. This is a one-kilometre singletrack trail located near Almuñécar, and it takes about 40 minutes to complete. 

This mountain bike trail is primarily used as a downhill track. You need to be in good physical condition to complete this route, as it is rated at high difficulty. 

Spend time at the beach – Costa Tropical Spain

Located about 35 minutes from Otivar is Costa Tropical. This is an area of coastline in Southern Spain located in the Province of Granada. 

As it is situated between the Costa del Sol and the Costa Almeria you can also visit the town of Nerja (which is only 5 minutes away). 

The beaches of Costa Tropical have many coves with loads of water sports opportunities.

Some of the beaches close to Finca Arriba are Almunecar, La Herradura and Salobrena.

  • Almunecar: Almuñécar beach is located about 20 minutes away from Finca. It is on the western side of the Costa Tropical and lies by a fishing village. 
  • La Herradura: La Herradura is 30 minutes away from the Finca, and is located on the Spanish shore of the Mediterranean. The horseshoe-shaped bay makes for a stunning sight. Here you can kayak, snorkel and dive.
  • Salobrena: Located about 30 minutes away from Otivar are the 5 beaches of Salobreña. They are wide and lovely beaches with full service and facilities!
Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Go on bike rides or scenic drives along the La Carretera de la Cabra route


La Carretera de la Cabra is one of the most scenic routes in southern Spain, and it is perfect for both road and mountain biking. La Carretera de la Cabra passes Otivar.

The old road from the coast to Granada city aka Carretera de la Cabra or the Goat’s Path is about 62 km long. 

Its highest elevation is at 1.363m (4,471ft) above sea level. You have to be super careful and slow down when you are driving there. 

If you are cycling you get to enjoy the most dramatic section of the road where you go through a tunnel and then come out on the side of the valley with views. 

Go hiking in and around Otivar Spain 


If you like to hike there are many trails in and around the lovely Finca Arriba. The owners of the glamping lodge can also provide recommendations. 

There are easy ones as well as moderately difficult trails available close by.

Rio Verde is an amazing one to go to. Or if you are feeling to break away and head further then visit the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains 


The Sierra Nevada National Park is the highest mountain range in Europe second to the Alps. It is located to the southeast of Granada and includes more than 20 peaks where you can go hiking and running. 

There are about 89 great trails in total which are great for the outdoorsy lover.

Popular activities at the Sierra Nevada National Park include skiing, hiking, camping, climbing, mountain biking, and bird watching.

If you are not into hiking or mountain biking, you will still enjoy the views of the cliffs and glaciers at the park. You can spend time wandering through the forests and soak in the natural mineral springs. 

There is an observatory located on the northern side of the park which is worth visiting. Hoya de Pedraza Botanical Garden is home to a ton of vegetation and flora.

This park is also designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 

Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Where to eat in Otivar Spain – food and drinks


After all the amazing hikes, canyoning and exploration you must stop to taste the best of Andalusian cuisine. 

There are many restaurants and cafés in Otivar as well as in the center of Almunecar and their beachside. If you love local food, here are some of the restaurants to stop by 

  • Restaurante Buena Vista: Perfect for Spanish, Mediterranean, and European flair
  • Meson Madera: With amazing views and a great variety of cuisines, you will enjoy your dinner at the Meson Madera
  • Restaurante El Capricho: You will find gluten-free options at the Restaurante El Capricho and order Spanish, Mediterranean, or European dishes
  • Meson Los Prados: located on top the Carretera de la Cabra 
  • Indios Bar: to grab some drinks
Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

Photo by @Niccola

Cultural sites and easy day trips from Otivar Spain 

Malaga and Granada are just an hour away from the glamping tents in Finca Arriba. 

From here you can easily explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Alhambra in Granada, or the cultural scene in Malaga in Andalucía.

Other essential tips for visiting Otivar Spain

Otivar is located in Andalucia. The nearest airport is in Granada which is the Federico García Lorca Granada Airport (GRX). The distance from Federico García Lorca Granada Airport to Otívar is 42.4 kilometers or 23 miles. The airport of Málaga is easier to fly into and located 98 kilometers or 60 miles from Otivar.

You can book any of the glamping rentals for a weekend and then explore more of the parks and trails in the region. 

I hope you found this post on Finca Arriba and Otivar useful. If you are curious to learn more about these glamping lodges don’t hesitate to reach out to me or comment below – I will be happy to help!

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Things to do in Otivar Spain and Spain Glamping Spots

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