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Safari in Kenya – Masai Mara National Reserve

30 Jan 2020 | Africa, Destinations, homepage, Outdoors

A safari in Kenya ranks as one of Africa’s greatest safari destinations and is a bucket list destination for anyone who loves nature. The animal kingdom with all its spectacles like the Great Wildebeest Migration make Safari holidays perfect for a family or couple vacation.

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When is the best time to visit Kenya?

The best months for wildlife spotting in Kenya are during the dry season from late June to October. The Wildebeest Migration usually reaches the Masai Mara in July and the herds remain here until October before moving back to the Serengeti in Tanzania. However, decent wildlife viewings are possible all year around:

  • Best time: June to October, January to February
  • Peak season: July to November, January to February (Some of the parks might get very crowded, especially the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru)
  • Low season: March to May
  • Best weather: June to October
  • Worst weather: March to May


Vaccinations for Kenya

Vaccinations for Kenya are highly recommendable. There is also a severe threat of malaria throughout Kenya, with exception for the high-altitude areas above 2,000m such as Nairobi. However, most safari parks are high-risk zones. The highest risks for infection are during the rainy season from September to April.

How to get there

Kenya’s capital and central transport hub is Nairobi. We stayed in the Safari Park Hotel, located out of town away from all the crowds.

Safari in KENYA – Masai Mara National Reserve

Home to some of Africa’s best all-year-round wildlife viewings as well as the annual Great Wildebeest Migration, it is no wonder that the Masai Mara National Reserve attracts thousands of visitors every year. Because we only had 7 days in total during our trip, we directly took a domestic flight from Nairobi to the Masai Mara National Reserve. The location of the park is remote in comparison to others, which makes flying the most attractive option.

During our three-day safari we stayed in luxury tents in Kilima Safari Kamp. Breakfast and dinner were served in the camp and in the afternoon, we enjoyed delicious picnics during the day trips. It doesn’t really matter where you stay because you will spend most of your time in the reserve. We visited the park during low season and sometimes drove alone for hours, which gave us the time to really take in the beauty of the Masai Mara National Reserve and enjoy the breathtaking views over the Kilimanjaro mountain to the fullest.


On our first day we got spoiled and quickly spotted the Big Five, including lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos. Apart from these great breathtaking animals, you will also see popular species like ostriches, crocodiles, cheetahs, zebras, hyenas, gazelles and giraffes along the way.

During the trip, you will regularly come across Masai, the nomadic tribes still living in the reserve. Despite growing modern civilization, the Masai manage to preserve their age-old traditions. Their cattle are extremely important to them and you will see them take the whole herd of animals out to find the best grass spots. You might think it is quite dangerous between lions and crocodiles but the Masai fear nothing and solely respect all animals. Masai almost exclusively live off of their cattle as they eat their meat and drink their milk and blood.

On the last day, after a well-deserved relaxation day at the hotel, we enjoyed another day trip to Lake Naivasha and went sailing on a boat among the hippos. I highly recommend this trip!

Some more tips to enjoy Kenya to the fullest

To save costs, you can drive to Masai Mara by car but bear in mind this is a six-hour trip on unpaved roads. I would recommend not to drive yourself in Kenya as the roads are very poorly maintained. Instead, rent a car with a local driver to take you to your destination.

It is not recommendable as a tourist to walk alone at night on the streets. Hotels will advise you not to get out after sunset without the company of a guide.

Always negotiate the prices for products and services. Negotiating is culturally rooted so be aware of this to avoid paying too much. Make sure you always have some cash in your pocket because it is not always possible to pay with a credit card. 

Belgian citizens can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum duration of 3 months. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months.

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