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How to get married in Las Vegas

30 Jan 2020 | Destinations, homepage, Nevada, North America

We knew from the get-go that a fancy wedding party including all bells and whistles would not be our cup of tea. Spending tens of thousands of euros on a party after you have just bought a house didn’t score high on our to do list neither. But we did know that we really wanted to get married. As our road trip to the West Coast of the USA was already on our agenda, we decided to make it our honeymoon. Read here everything you need to know about how to get married in Las Vegas including tips, costs and pictures.

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After a notorious episode in the Friends series, we decided to get married in A Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. We opted online for the Little White Chapel Ceremony package with 18 photos at a rate of $170. We bought our wedding rings in Belgium and I, obviously, had chosen my beautiful dress by Linea Raffaelli in advance. Bringing your wedding dress on a three-week road trip/honeymoon is an adventure on itself but I am super happy that I took the dress with me.

How to get married in las vegas

We thought for a long time to fly our close friends and family over but we chose an intimate moment for just the two of us. In the end, isn’t that what love really stands for? I have to admit that it was not easy on the day itself, I was very stressed and I wanted to scream throughout the whole hotel building at moments.

What do you do if you don’t have your sister and your girls by your side? With a Wodka Red Bull in my hands and with tears in my eyes we left for the wedding chapel, all along my heart was pounding in my throat. Our ceremony started at 11 am, the limousine was on time and dropped us off five minutes in advance. We were warmly welcomed on the spot, gave our passports and were completely ready for the ceremony… Until we discovered that we had forgotten to apply for our mandatory marriage certificate…

How to get married in Las Vegas

The employees of a Little White Chapel were super friendly. The limousine brought us immediately to the Las Vegas town hall where we applied tipsy for our certificate in twenty minutes. The cost of this certificate is $80.

The ceremony itself takes about 15 minutes, you can say your own vows and you have a choice of a religious or non-religious ceremony. We obviously went for the last option and our photographer suddenly appeared to be our witness too. If you don’t opt for the photographer, the chapel can provide another witness as well.

After the ceremony we were again dropped off by the limousine at our hotel, where we enjoyed a wonderful day to never forget…

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