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3 days in San Francisco

30 Jan 2020 | California, Destinations, homepage, North America

We stayded 3 days in San Francisco during our USA West Coast road trip. San Francisco, or the City by the Bay, is a peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. It’s known for the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and their LBGT-friendly mindset. The city has the second largest community in the Chinatown area in all of the US – right after New York. 

The city was founded overnight in 1848 by the large-scale migration of people from all over the world, also known as the 49ers, after the first gold was found. In eight years, over 300,000 people migrated to San Fran during the Californian gold rush.

San Francisco is a very progressive city, 3 days in this open-minded place is sure to broaden your horizons. The hippie movement emerged here in 1960, and all around the city you’ll notice a culture of tolerance and free love. The city is home to a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and has countless good restaurants and great shopping districts. It’s jam-packed with wonderful activities – find out more about all the top things to do during 3 days in San Francisco below.

Sky line drone shot from San Francisco

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When’s the best time to visit San Francisco?

Although the city is in sunny California, the temperature can fluctuate at times. You’ve got the best chance of enjoying pleasant weather between June and October. The rest of the year is markedly colder and there is a lot more rainfall. 

San Fran is a windy city, so always quite a bit cooler than the actual temperature dictates. A wind jacket is recommendable all year round.

How to move around San Francisco

With two million inhabitants, San Francisco is surprisingly not super large, but you will rapidly cover a lot of miles. The best way to explore the city is on foot or by bike, which you can rent for $32 a day at Ferry Buildings Bike Rentals. Reserve your bike online in advance to save 20%! 

The city also has an excellent network of cable cars, subways and buses. Try to avoid getting around by car. If needed, it’s better to opt for an Uber.

Where to stay in San Francisco

Four days and three nights is recommended to fully discover the city. Make sure you book your hotel well in advance – San Francisco is expensive! 

If you’re cautious, try to avoid the Tenderloin neighborhood if possible. The neighborhood has a large population of homeless, drug users and people living in poverty. In 2008, a type of plague broke out due to the amount of droppings on the street, and every month 1200 (!) drug syringes are collected off the streets. In short, it’s probably a neighborhood that you would rather not walk through, certainly not with small children and definitely not at night. 

The safest neighborhood in town is Nob Hill, which is located near the financial district and South Beach. Crime rates are the lowest in this area. Here are a couple of hotels that will ensure you have a pleasant stay in San Francisco:

Fairmont San Francisco

With its excellent location in the heart of Nob Hill, this hotel is an absolute must. The classic and luxurious rooms will give you a well-deserved night’s sleep. More info and booking can be found here.

Handlery Union Square Hotel

Looking for a hotel with a pool? Then Handlery Union Square Hotel is definitely worth a shot. It’s handily located between the nicest shops and finest breakfast spots in the city. More info and booking can be found here.

InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco

The InterContinental Mark Hopkins in San Francisco offers modern but elegant accommodation options. This towering historic landmark on Nob Hill has a penthouse restaurant, with sweeping views over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. There are cable car stops just outside the hotel. More info and booking can be found here.

Cable Car Hotel

Looking for a slightly cheaper stay in Nob Hill? Then Cable Car Hotel is an excellent choice. Cable Car Hotel offers rooms with a private or shared bathroom – and it has a tram stop right outside the door! More info and booking can be found here.

Top things to do during a weekend in San Francisco

  • Visit the Golden Gate Bridge – A trip to San Francisco is only complete when you have walked or cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was on both of our bucket lists and we really enjoyed the trip. You can cross the bridge by car, by bicycle or on foot. There are special lanes for pedestrians and cyclists, which makes crossing the bridge super pleasant. Tip: Visit the bridge in the early morning or late afternoon. It’s one of the top attractions, so you need to make sure to avoid the crowds as much as possible. We rode across the bridge on bikes, and I can assure you that I had goosebumps during our ride.
  • Visit the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square ParkHang out at Alamo Square Park with its beautiful view of the famous ‘Painted Ladies’ (which you may recognize from the opening theme of the original 90’s TV series ‘Full House’). It’s probably one of the most photographed locations in San Francisco, and they’re definitely some of the most famous houses in the world.
  • AlcatrazAlcatraz needs to be at the top of your San Francisco bucket list as well. The infamous prison, where notorious gangsters such as Al Capone and Bumpy Johnson were detained, will give you goosebumps. Take an audio guide for the full experience to listen to all mesmerizing stories. You can book your tickets online at $48/pp. The ticket revenues are used for the maintenance of the national parks and the audio guides are included in the entrance fee. 
  • Visit Fisherman’s WharfIt’s classic tourist-oriented USA to the extreme, but you simply cannot skip it. Fisherman’s Wharf is the Historic Waterfront District of San Francisco. Not only will you find many typical restaurants and souvenir shops here, but you can also spot dozens of sea lions sunbathing alongside Pier 39! As the Bay area is protected, these funny animals always have enough food. Top tip: Visit Alioto’s Restaurant, the oldest food establishment in town. It’s an historical restaurant, located in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. The crab and seafood stew with a spicy tomato sauce is the specialty of the house.

Top things to do during a weekend in San Francisco

  • Ride a cable car – A ride on one of the world-famous cable cars should definitely be near the top of your to-do list when in San Fran! The city is very hilly (some hills can go up to 300 meters high). The cable car system was designed in the late 19th century, and the cable trams still run through the city for 20 hours a day. They are without a doubt moving monuments – although these days it’s a challenge to keep the trams moving with the influx of cars and cyclists. The cable cars are still steered manually and controlled mechanically. The ordinary trams in this city are also an eye catcher, as they’re brought from all over the world to be used here (there’s a good chance that you might ride on a tram from Rome or Paris!). If you’re intrigued and want to know more, make sure you visit the Cable Car Museum.
  • Drive through Lombard StreetTake a trip up to one of the most famous views in the city. Lombard Street which is a very steep street with many turns – try not to get too sick if you drive through it by car!
  • Haight-Ashbury district – The birthplace of the hippie movement in 1960, known worldwide as the Summer of Love. On every corner of the street, you will find keepsakes of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin. There are also plenty of interesting record shops and trendy food joints.  


    • Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate Park is a lovely addition to your stay in San Francisco. Take into account the amount of time it takes to properly explore the huge Golden Gate Park. The park includes the California Academy of Sciences with a fantastic planetarium and the Japanese Tea Garden. The entrance prices for both attractions are quite expensive, but the park is still definitely worth a visit nevertheless!
    • SFMOMAIf you like modern art, a stop at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a must. This massive museum was opened in 2016 and its exhibits span across 7 floors. You can book your tickets online in advance.
    • Castro DistrictVisit Castro district, the heart of the LGBT movement. In this part of the city, rainbow flags hang from almost every facade. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was founded here, the now world-famous organization that is committed to raising money for HIV-related matters. Castro is regarded by many as the gay capital of the world!
    • Relax at Ocean BeachSan Francisco also has some wonderful beaches. Ocean Beach is the largest beach in the city, and it’s the perfect spot to hang out on a sunny day. The long stretch of city coastline is the ideal place for surfing – but there’s nothing wrong with just relaxing on the lovely beach and spending the day doing nothing.

    Got some time to spare?

    Plan a day at Oakland, which is just across the street from the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. The hipster city has its own community, history and several popular sports teams – and there are lots of great bars and restaurants. There’s certainly plenty to do in Oakland if you have a spare day during your stay in San Francisco.

    Where to shop in San Francisco

    • Hayes Valley – Simply heaven for design lovers, thanks to the many haute couture and designer shops.
    • Valencia Street – Trendy street with arts, antiques shops and cozy bookstores.
    • Haight Street – The main street in San Francisco, once the heart of the hippie and Flower Power movement.
    • Powell Street – Explore to find all the major chains.
    • Fillmore street – A nice street full of cozy restaurants and trendy shops.

    Best views over town

    • Mission Dolores Park – Not only a super nice park to chill and picnic in, but you also get a gorgeous view over the city skyline. 
    • Coit Tower – Visit the Coit Tower located at the top of Telegraph Hill for a panoramic view of the city.
    • The Lyon Street Steps – Prepare yourself to climb 322 stairs! At the top you’ll be rewarded with a unique view over the city – including the nearby Palace of Fine Arts, San Fran Bay and the beautiful mansions of The Pacific Heights District.
    • Twin Peaks – For the best view over the city, you have to go to the world-famous Twin Peaks. Drive to the top of these small mountains and get a preview of the beautiful view of the city. From here, you can then hike to the North and the South peaks. From the south peak, you’ll get a perfect 360-degree view of San Francisco! This climb is also definitely worth it at sunset – the view of the city after dark is super romantic.


    Eat delicious food in San Francisco

    • Bourbon & Branch – For amazing cocktails.
    • Craftsman and Woves – Grab your daily coffee dose.
    • Al’s place – Definitely worth a visit during your stay!
    • Swan Oyster Depot – This family business has become world famous for its excellent seafood. The restaurant has only 18 seats, and it goes without saying that you sometimes have to wait for hours to be seated. We waited in line for half an hour, but it’s absolutely worth the wait. Reservations are not an option.
    • Ike’s Sandwiches – For the best pastrami sandwiches.
    • Atelier Crenn – There are various multi-course experiences in an inviting and luxurious dining room.
    • China Town – The culinary center of the city is a must-do for any food lover. Besides New York, it’s the best known and largest Chinatown in America. Did you know that the fortune cookie was invented here? 15,000 pieces are still folded by hand on a daily basis! You can eat well on every street corner, but make sure to try the WonTon Soup in Hong Kong Clay Pot restaurant. Besides delicious food, you will also find all kinds of shops, bars and tea houses.
    • Bun Mee – For a quick Asian bite at reasonable prices.
    • Souvla – For a lovely healthy lunch.
    • Japan town – If you’re a fan of Japanese food, this is the place to be. Home to the tastiest sushi and Japanese cuisine where you can find something to eat on every street corner!

    Do you have any further questions about this article? Feel free to leave a comment below.Belgian citizens need an ESTA, for a maximum stay of 90 days. You can apply for the ESTA online. Your passport needs to be valid during your stay.

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    3 days in San Fransisco

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    1. madhu sharma

      Wow this is a cool guide,I visited SFO last year and loved it . I missed visiting lot of popular places,hope to visit them sometime

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        Thank you so much for reading Madhu!

    2. Ophelie

      I visited SF many years ago but I have great memories there! It’s an amazing city! There are some spots I didn’t visited in your list so I will make sure to check time next time I have the opportunity to visit!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        Thank you so much for reading Ophelie!

    3. Chelsea

      I loved SF! I did all of the top things that you mentioned except Alcatraz as it was booked out as our trip was kind of last minute! I loved the sea lions at fisherman’s wharf as well as Lombard street! I did a site seeing tour which was great!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        I’m glad you loved San Francisco as much as we did! Thank you for reading Chelsea!

    4. Linnea

      Great tips! That’s the perfect SF weekend and I love your food recs too!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        Thank you so much for reading Linnea!

    5. Sarah Camp

      Love this guide! My parents were supposed to go to San Fran in March before “everything happened’ so they never got there – I’ll have to share this with them for when they can!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        I’m sorry to hear about your parents trip, I hope that they can reschedule their trip soon!

    6. Nina

      Such an informative guide! I’ve wanted to visit SF for so long. Hopefully I’ll get there someday.

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        Thank you so much! I really hope you’ll get to visit SF someday, it is such a mind blowing city!

    7. Kate

      I love all of your suggestions!! I was supposed to visit San Fran in March and had to cancel, unfortunately. Fisherman’s Wharf and the Full House house are on the top of my list!!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        I hope you can reschedule your trip! SF is such a lovely city to visit!

    8. Catherine @ To & Fro Fam

      I used to live in Berkeley and spent a lot of time in San Francisco. You hit many of my favorite things to do! Dolores Park is one of my favorite spots in San Francisco, and Coit Tower offers a beautiful view.

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        SF has so many top things to do! We really loved Dolores Park as well!

    9. Nicole | Mapless Adventures

      Wow. I only spent half a day in San Fran and I think I’m due for another visit. Pictures are beautiful!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        Thank you so much for reading!

    10. Digitaldaybook

      I visited SF briefly based on this guide I have to go back! And soon haha

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        We would love to go back soon as well! 🙂

    11. Rebecca

      This was a good read!! The Brats and I will be going to San Fran in July *fingers crossed for a long weekend so your article will be helpful with that. Thank you!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        I am happy to read that this guide is useful for your upcoming trip! You will love SF!

    12. Lia Pontarelli

      I have been wanting to visit San Francisco for a long time now. I will definitely have to go through this list and add some things to my itinerary! I love that you have locations for the best views over town!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        Thank you so much for reading!

    13. Chrissy K

      I have been dying to visit San Francisco. I have only visited Southern California. Excelled and detailed post. Pinning so I know all the places to go and eat when I do visit. Thank you!

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        You’re welcome Chrissy, thank you for reading!

    14. Farrah

      Yay! I grew up in the bay area and recently moved back around here–glad you got to visit during your road trip! Despite having been here for 2/3 of my life, I still have yet to see some of the places on your list (eg Twin Peaks)–will have to get on that at some point! 😛

    15. Nicola Lavin

      This city has been on my bucket list for a very long time.

      • Stéphanie Beyens

        You really need to visit San Francisco, I’m sure you will love it!


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