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11 Best beaches in Kotor and beyond

21 Apr 2024 | Destinations, Europe, Montenegro

Tucked between the rugged mountains and the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, Kotor, Montenegro, emerges as a haven for those in pursuit of sun and sea. This charming town marries natural beauty with historical allure, offering a seaside experience like no other. In contrast to the packed sands of more commercial destinations, these hand-picked best beaches in Kotor and beyond provide a tranquil retreat, allowing visitors to soak in Montenegro’s beauty in quietude. 

Each of Kotor’s beaches boasts its own unique charm, from pebbly shores and hidden coves to family-friendly spots with calm waters, appealing to every taste. Whether your day by the sea involves diving into local culture, seeking adventure under the sun, or simply unwinding against a backdrop of breathtaking views, the beaches of Kotor promise an exquisite setting. 

This guide aims to reveal Kotor’s finest beaches, helping visitors discover their ideal haven for sunbathing, swimming, and relishing the Mediterranean vibe. 

Best beaches in Kotor Montenegro and beyond

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