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14 Most beautiful Amalfi Coast Beaches

14 Dec 2021 | Destinations, Europe, Italy

Located in the southern part of Italy is the stunning Amalfi coast. It has some of the beautiful beaches and Instagrammable spots in the country. For a mix of gorgeous coves, pebbly and sandy shores these are the 14 most beautiful Amalfi Coast beaches to visit.

Amalfi Coast beaches

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14 most beautiful Amalfi Coast beaches

Marina Grande, Amalfi

Marina Grande is one of the most popular, extensive, and truly grandest of the beaches on the Amalfi. It stretches from Punta Campanella to Vietri Sul Mare. You can easily access it across the town center of Amalfi.

Marina Grande is usually crowded in the summers from July to September. You can rent sun-loungers and parasols while bathing amidst the colorful atmosphere.

Other than the coast itself, there are lineups of amazing restaurants and bars that keep crowds coming, in spite of it being touristy. 

Many visitors arrive here by ferry or by road. Transportation and sightseeing for Amalfi town are also a few steps away from the beach.

You will love the beach for its beautiful chaos and closeness to everything on the coast!

Amalfi Coast Beaches

Marina Grande Beach, Positano

Marina Grande Beach also known as the Spiaggia Grande is the main beach of Positano. 

The beach is located southeast of the town of Positano. It is about 300 meters in length and about 50 meters in width.

Marina Grande is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan beaches on the Amalfi Coast. 

It offers two bathing establishments, and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There are changing rooms and showers available along with a free area (spiaggia libera) in the middle.

Many visitors to the beach spend a few hours here and then rent a boat to Capri or head to nearby coves.

Amazing Amalfi coast. Positano, Italy

Spiaggia del Fornillo Beach, Positano

Spiaggia del Fornillo is one of the best Amalfi Coast beaches situated in Positano. If you like to be surrounded by pebbles and prefer a smaller beach, this is your place.

The beach can be accessed by foot or by boat. It has gorgeous clear waters and unique rock formations.

The beach has large pebbles and rocks scattered between shore and water, and it is about 300 meters long and guarded by two imposing towers at the two ends, namely the Torre Trasita and Torre del Fornillo.

Spiaggia del Fornillo is the second largest beach in Positano and you can spend hours here swimming, sunbathing, or taking pictures.

The beach is named after a Roman Emperor.

Positano Beach, Positano

The picturesque town of Positano is located on a cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and is known for its dramatic landscape and colorful houses.

The beach here is a great spot to take in the view with its clear turquoise waters. It can be accessed by boat or by foot down a series of steps. The beach is also a stop on the Amalfi Coast road.

Be prepared to pay for beach access as it is one of the pricier beaches on the coast. However, you can spend all day here due to its unique beauty.

Amalfi Coast Beaches Positano beach

Arienzo Beach, Positano

This beautiful beach is located in Positano, surrounded by cliffs and lush greenery. It is a great spot to sunbathe as the golden sands are some of the nicest on the coast.

Arienzo Beach is a part private and part free beach with stunning bay views. You can access it by private shuttle or by a long staircase, famously known as the “300 steps“.

When at the beachside, you will also enjoy the view of some of the most beautiful villas on the Amalfi Coast, passing by Villa Tre Ville, belonging to Zeffirelli that hosts international artists and renowned dancers.

Amalfi Coast Beaches

Tordigliano Beach, Positano

Tordigliano beach is one of Amalfi Coast’s biggest beaches, all 350 meters long. However, it is not super crowded during peak season and has remained much of a secret.

You will find a few places to get sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. The beach is very pristine and is in its natural state.

In order to access the beach, you have to rent a boat, and then go through a steep descent. The view of the beachside is gorgeous and well worth the effort!

Tordigliano beach is a great place to relax and sunbathe with crystal-clear waters, but be aware that the beach is not as equipped as some of the other beaches on the coast so come prepared.

Amalfi Coast Beaches

Beach of Castiglione, Ravello

The small village of Ravello is perched high in the mountains above the Amalfi Coast. The village is known for its stunning gardens and incredible views.

The beach here is known as the Beach of Castiglione and can be reached by car or by public transportation. 

Public transport stops right in front of the stairs. And when driving you can park in Ravello and then go down the scenic path that leads to Castiglione.

It is a small, secluded beach with crystal clear waters, and is also much less crowded than other beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast beaches

Maiori Beach, Maiori

Maiori is yet another popular beach destination on the Amalfi Coast, located in the town of Maiori.

The beach stretches across six kilometers and is lined with many hotels, Onda Blu being one of them.

The golden shores are perfect for families as they offer child-friendly activities like volleyball and pedal boats.  There are also several restaurants and cafes if you need a break from the sun.

This beach can get crowded in the summer, so be prepared to share the sand with others.

Amalfi Coast Beaches

Erchie Beach, Cetara –  Maiori

Tucked away from direct access by road or ferries, Erchie Beach is one of the offbeat places to visit on the Amalfi Coast. This sandy beach is right at the foot of the village, accessible by bus and then involves some amount of walk.

There are lots of umbrellas and loungers that you can rent for. And pretty much just laze around, and soak in the sun. The sand is fine and the water is clear!

During peak summer months, you will easily find restaurants and bars to drop by for food, but in the off-season, it is very deserted.

Maiori Amalfi Coast Beaches

Marina di Vietri, Vietri sul Mare

This beach is located in the town of Vietri Sul Mare, about 20+ kilometers from Amalfi town. It is one of the most popular beaches on the Amalfi Coast and it’s easy to see why. 

The beach has crystal-clear waters, a wide variety of restaurants and bars, and plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Add to that stunning view of the colorful houses.

Just like most Amalfi Coast beaches, you can also rent loungers and an umbrella. Keep in mind it does get busy like others!

Amalfi Coast Beaches Vietri sul mare

Marina di Cetara, Cetara

Cetara is home to some of the gorgeous beaches on the Amalfi Coast. 

Marina di Cetara is a small beach and it’s one of the most picturesque on the Coast. Despite being close to the town, it is surprisingly very clean.

In the past, Cetara was known for its tuna fishery, so if you’re a fan of seafood, this is definitely the place to be! You will also find quaint little cottages, the fishing port, and the tower.

The beach has a mix of sand and pebbles and crystal-clear waters.

cetara, amalfi coast. Italy. panorama of the village. view from the sea

Furore Beach, Furore

The Furore beach is located on the outskirts of the small village of Furore. This secluded beach is one of the most photographed on the Amalfi Coast with crystal clear waters and a dramatic landscape.

What makes this beach unique is the fact that you can only get here by boat as there are no roads leading to it. Take the ferry from Amalfi, Positano, or Salerno and enjoy this beautiful stop on your journey.

Another option is that you can take the steps to get down once near the beach. 

Unlike most of the Amalfi Coast beaches, this one is not too crowded.

View on Fiordo di Furore arc bridge built between high rocky cliffs above the Tyrrhenian sea bay in Campania region. Unique cove under the cliffs, natural gorge, canyon or fiord

Santa Croce Beach

Santa Croce is another amazing beach on the Amalfi for the adventure lover. Surrounded by rocky cliffs, with sea views, Santa Croce is located below the village of Vettica Minore, west of Amalfi.

If you love seafood, you will love delicacies from one of the two restaurants Santa Croce–Ristorante da Teresa and Ristorante Santa Croce– that offer beach access by boat from Amalfi.

Santa Croce is not one of the sandy beaches, rather it is rocky – so enjoy all the climbing, and hopping whilst soaking in the sun. 

You will also find small crabs underwater. Once you have gone swimming you can come back and relax under bright umbrellas and sunbeds!

Santa Croce Beach Amalfi Coast beaches

Beach of Duoglio, Conca dei Marini

The Beach of Duoglio is located in the town of Conca dei Marini, and the best way to get there is by boat from Amalfi. 

Coming from Vietri sul Mare, the Duoglio beach is one kilometer away. This beach is definitely one of the cleanest.

The beach is mostly made of pebbles and has an area for bathing (for free).

Costiera Amalfitana, Italy, the coast at summer

Accessing various beaches on the Amalfi Coast


When planning your trip to the Amalfi consider staying in Amalfi town or nearby Sorrento. You will be able to find a variety of accommodation options in both these areas (for all budget levels). 

From each of these cities, you can get to the beaches using public transport, a private car and then some amount of walking. 

I highly recommend wearing comfortable walking or hiking boots to get there, especially those Amalfi Coast beaches that are tucked away from easy access, and require steep descent, climbing stairs, or rocks. 

Other than buses, and ferries you can also use a boat tour to get to various beaches! There are tons leaving for destinations like Capri, Positano, etc. 


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In terms of food and drinks, you will be able to find beach clubs, resorts, and restaurants near the beaches. During peak seasons expect crowds and wait time. 

Remember the more secluded beaches are, there will be fewer people and also limited amenities (beach club rentals, food choices, etc). 

In almost all the Amalfi Coast beaches listed on this travel guide, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for a fee. Do check each location before you head there for amenities. 

Finally whichever beach you choose, get ready to capture the beauty of the coast, with towering cliffs. Sit back and relax – enjoy an Aperol Spritz, or limoncello. 

Amalfi Coast 5 day itinerary

What to pack for Amalfi Coast beaches? 

As a stunning beach destination, Amalfi is the perfect choice for couples, families, and girls’ getaways.

And yes you got to pack the right things to enjoy the sun and be comfortable. Here are some of the beach essentials that I recommend,

  • Swimwear or beachwear: Number one item. Carry your beach or swimwear. Choose bright colored swimsuits to add to the glamour of the place
  • Sunblock: The sun can be a little harsh during the day, so apply sunscreen as and when required. 
  • Sunglasses: Don’t forget your sunglasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes: Before you hit the beach, you might be walking a bit to get there, so do pack a pair of nice and comfortable shoes
  • Sunhat: Pack a sunhat for protection and for photos!
  • Beach bag with essentials: Grab a beach bag, and fill it with essentials for the day
    • Water
    • Sunscreen
    • Your camera gear – GoPro, selfie sticks, solar charger, or power bank, etc
    • Some snacks
    • Change of clothes
    • Flipflops
    • A book or a Kindle 

So there you have it. If you have never been to the Amalfi, rest assured you are in for some real treat. 

It is one of the stunning places that I have been to, and it will surely take your breath away. Just be patient during peak seasons and get ready for the beautiful chaos called the Amalfi Coast!

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Best beaches on the Amalfi Coast

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