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15 Things to do in Uvita Costa Rica

16 Jan 2024 | Central America, Costa Rica, Destinations

Uvita, tucked away in the beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica is a destination that offers more than just stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, but a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. If you are planning a trip, my guide on things to do in Uvita will be extremely helpful!

Uvita is a treasure trove of biodiversity, housing a myriad of marine life and lush tropical forests that make it a playground for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Each corner of Uvita tells a story of the rich Costa Rican culture, from the bustling local farmers market, ‘Feria de Uvita’, to the heritage-rich Cano Island. 

So, whether you’re craving a thrilling hike, a refreshing dip, an underwater journey, or just a peaceful day out in the lap of nature, Uvita extends an invitation for an unforgettable experience amidst its picturesque surroundings.

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Things to do in Uvita Costa Rica

Reasons to visit Uvita

One compelling reason to visit Uvita is the opportunity to witness the globally renowned ‘Whale Tail’. This unique geographical feature, part of the Marino Ballena National Park, earns its name due to its remarkable resemblance to a whale’s tail when viewed during low tide. Not only is this a sight to behold, but the park is also a prime spot for whale and dolphin watching, offering visitors an up-close experience with these majestic sea creatures in their natural habitat. 

Additionally, Uvita’s vibrant local community and its exhilarating festivals, like the annual Whale Festival (that takes place during the first two weekends in September), can make your visit even more memorable. You simply have to add Uvita to your Costa Rica Itinerary!

But that’s not all! Uvita also offers a range of exciting outdoor activities for adventurous souls. From zip-lining through the lush rainforests to white water rafting down the crystal-clear rivers, there is something for everyone. 

Explore hidden gems like the enchanting Nauyaca Waterfalls or take a dip in the natural pools for a refreshing break from the tropical heat. 

For those looking to explore underwater wonders, Uvita boasts some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving spots in Central America. The diverse marine life, including stunning coral reefs and colorful fish, will leave you mesmerized. 

And if that’s not enough, Uvita is also home to some of the best surfing beaches in the country, attracting surfers from all over the world. It is perfect for beginners as well! 

Not only does Uvita offer thrilling adventures and breathtaking scenery, but it also allows visitors to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature. You can spend your days lounging on the beach, listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean, or taking a leisurely stroll through the picturesque town. 

Uvita is also an ideal spot for yoga and meditation retreats, offering a peaceful and rejuvenating escape from the chaos of city life.

No trip to Uvita is complete without indulging in the local cuisine. The town boasts a variety of restaurants and eateries, serving up traditional Costa Rican dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Don’t forget to try the famous ‘gallo pinto’ for breakfast or indulge in some delicious ceviche by the beach. And if you’re feeling adventurous, sample some exotic fruits like dragon fruit or soursop at the local farmers market.

Let’s start planning your trip to this tropical paradise now and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Uvita, Costa Rica!

Planning a trip to Uvita Costa Rica

Here’s a quick guide to help you make the most of your trip to Costa Rica.

Where is Uvita located in Costa Rica?

Uvita is a small town located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is situated in the province of Puntarenas, about 223 kilometers (145 miles) from San Jose.

The town itself is nestled between the mountains and the ocean, giving visitors breathtaking views from all angles. Uvita is also surrounded by the Marino Ballena National Park, known for its stunning beaches and diverse marine life.

Getting to Uvita is relatively easy, with multiple transportation options available including bus, private shuttle, car rental, or even domestic flights to nearby airports. Once you arrive in Uvita, getting around is best done by foot or bicycle as the town is small and easily navigable.

When traveling from Uvita to places like Parque Nacional Marino Ballena and its gorgeous beach or the Bahia/Bahía Ballena village where most of the hotels, restaurants, and tour companies are, you will have to account for some travel time as attractions are pretty spread out. 

Getting to Costa Rica and Uvita:

San José Airport (SJO) is the international airport to get to the country and is the perfect entry point to Costa Rica. 

Uvita is approximately a 3.5-hour drive from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. There are both private and public transportation options available as mentioned above. 

A rental car is a great option to travel to Uvita from San Jose. But there are buses and sightseeing tours available as well!


Getting to Uvita by bus is a breeze. Costa Rican buses are known for their spaciousness and comfort, surpassing their counterparts in Central America. To reach your destination, allocate approximately four hours from San Jose to Uvita, and expect a few stops along the way. Tickets start at $95 USD per person.

Upon arrival, the Tracopa bus will pull into the Uvita bus station, conveniently located on the right side of the bustling Costanera Sur highway. The station offers waiting areas, a cozy restaurant, a snack shop, and restroom facilities. Additionally, a tourist information center is situated nearby, providing helpful resources for visitors. 

You can also book a door-to-door private transfer from the San Jose Airport to your Uvita hotel. Here are some options. Per seat rates start at $49 USD, and it takes 3.50 hours, depending on the road conditions.


Whether you are looking for luxury resorts, eco-lodges, or budget-friendly hostels, Uvita offers a range of accommodation options to fit every traveler’s budget and preferences. Many places offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, lush rainforests, and the majestic Whale Tail.

I stayed at the Tropical Beach Hotel Restaurant & Bar in Uvita. It is one of the most affordable and comfortable places to stay in the country surrounded by nature, and modern amenities (like wifi, restaurants, and more). You will love to hang out by the swimming pool or the beach nearby. 

Click to check availability and prices for Tropical Beach Hotel Restaurant & Bar here.

Tropical Beach Uvita

Oxygen Jungle Villas

Nestled in the Uvita rainforest, Oxygen Jungle Villas is a charming boutique hotel in Costa Rica that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the glistening Pacific Ocean. This is a luxury property offering guided tours, yoga workshops, and a wonderful pool onsite. It is an adults-only hotel.

Click to view wonderful photos from Oxygen Jungle Villas here.

Oxygen Jungle Villas & Spa

Vista Ballena

Vista Ballena makes for a delightful stay in Uvita, located only 6 km from the popular Marino Ballena National Park. You can enjoy the lovely suites, their terrace with jungle views, and an outdoor pool. They offer free parking and free breakfast!

Click here for more information and prices.

Vista Ballena

Bungalows Ballena

Stay at one of these bungalows at the Ballena – all equipped with a kitchen, and an outdoor pool, and a playground onsite. Free parking is also available here.

Click to view availability here.

Other options include: Cascada Verde Hostel and Kura Boutique Hotel


Plan your activities based on your interests. If you’re an adventure seeker, consider zip-lining, white water rafting, or hiking to the Nauyaca Waterfalls. Nature enthusiasts should not miss a trip to Marino Ballena National Park for whale watching.

For a more relaxed experience, opt for yoga classes, beach lounging, or exploring the local food scene.

Now let’s delve into the amazing Uvita activities below.

Bungalows Ballena

Uvita activities to add to your bucket list

1. Town of Uvita 

Uvita is a pretty laid-back town that is highly favored by expats looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of community. There are lots of accommodation options to choose from as well! 

Regardless of where you choose to stay, you’ll find that getting around requires walking or taking taxis, adding to the charm and tranquillity of the area.

As shared, Uvita is considered as one of the best locations in Costa Rica for whale watching, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. While there are beautiful beaches in the area, most of them are nestled within the boundaries of National Parks, offering a pristine and untouched coastal experience.

The town serves as an ideal base for exploring Manuel Antonio National Park and the breathtaking Nauyaca Falls, providing endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

2. Go whale watching in Uvita

Uvita is renowned for its exceptional whale watching opportunities. Nestled amidst pristine natural surroundings, Uvita is considered not only one of the best locations in the country but also in the entire world to witness this awe-inspiring spectacle. 

Every year, as the seasons change, thousands of majestic humpback whales embark on an incredible journey, migrating to the warm and inviting waters off Uvita’s coast. 

Here, amidst the gentle waves, these graceful giants engage in the timeless ritual of mating and giving birth, creating a mesmerising display of nature’s wonders. 

Immerse yourself in this magical experience by embarking on a thrilling boat tour or simply find a spot along the shore, where you can witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. 

The peak season for whale watching in Uvita spans from mid July to mid November and from mid December to April, offering ample opportunities to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Top tour: Join this 3 hour whale watching tour from Uvita


Tip: Every year, from August to October, Uvita becomes a hub for whale watching enthusiasts. During this time, humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast to mate and give birth.

The town celebrates this event with the annual Whale Festival (first two weekends in September), featuring live music, art exhibitions, and educational activities about these magnificent creatures. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

3. Enjoy dolphin sightseeing tours from Uvita

Aside from whale watching, Uvita also offers the opportunity to witness another of nature’s most beloved creatures – dolphins. With several species of these intelligent and playful animals residing in the waters off Uvita’s coast, there is no shortage of opportunities for dolphin sightseeing tours. 

These tours allow you to see these amazing creatures up close and even get a chance to see them in their natural habitat. With the guidance of experienced tour guides, you’ll learn about these fascinating animals’ behaviour and habits while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Top tours: Whale and dolphin watching in Uvita

4. Hang out at the beach (lots of choose from)

Uvita boasts an impressive selection of beautiful beaches, each offering its unique charm and character. For a serene and secluded experience, head to Playa Ballena or Playa Arco, where you can relax on the golden sands and take in the tranquil ocean views. 

If surfing is your passion, then Playa Hermosa is a must-visit spot, known for its consistent waves that are perfect for all levels of surfers. It is also a free beach to access near Uvita. 

For a more lively atmosphere, head to Dominical Beach and soak up the vibrant beach town culture. This bustling hub offers a range of activities such as surfing, yoga, and a diverse selection of restaurants and bars to explore.

Playa Ventanas, named after its iconic natural sea caves or unique holes, is another must-visit destination in Uvita. These unique caves offer a glimpse into the fascinating marine life that inhabits the tropical waters and make for an unforgettable snorkelling experience.

5. Soak in the sunset at the Uvita Beach

Uvita Beach is located in the Marino Ballena National Park. This beach is ideal for swimming, relaxing, and soaking in the stunning sunset views. 

You can also take part in various water activities such as kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding to explore the surrounding waters.

Fees: You have to pay to enter and it is $6 per person per day.

6. Visit the iconic Uvita Whale Tail at Marino Ballena National Park

Marino Ballena National Park, located in Osa Conservation Area, is a breathtaking destination that offers a unique natural wonder known as the Whale Tail. This remarkable formation, composed of pristine sand and rock, strikingly resembles the graceful tail of a whale. 

Visitors to the park can witness this awe-inspiring spectacle from above during low tide or, even more captivatingly, during the whale migration season lasting from July to October.

During this season, as humpback whales embark on their annual journey, the warm waters of Marino Ballena National Park become their playground. Observing these majestic creatures as they swim and play in their natural habitat is an experience unlike any other. 

The park offers a range of vantage points, allowing you to marvel at the whales’ acrobatic displays and appreciate their immense beauty up close.

Entry fee for Marino Ballena National Park is $6 USD. 

7. Go surfing on Playa Hermosa

Known as one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica, Playa Hermosa is a must-visit for any surf enthusiast. With consistent waves year-round, this beach offers excellent conditions for all levels of surfers. Take a lesson with a local surf school or rent a board and hit the waves on your own. 

After an exhilarating session, unwind at one of the beachfront restaurants and enjoy delicious local cuisine while taking in the stunning ocean views.

8. Swim in Uvita Waterfall

Uvita is a town blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, and one of its most alluring attractions is the Uvita Waterfall. Located just a short distance from the town’s centre, this stunning waterfall offers visitors the chance to cool off in its refreshing waters. 

You can also walk from the centre to waterfalls, and it will take about 45 to 50 minutes. Once you reach the entrance, you will find a restaurant where you have to pay an entry fee. 

The hike to the waterfall takes you through picturesque surroundings, including lush greenery and vibrant flora and fauna. As you approach the falls, the sound of rushing water grows louder, building anticipation for what lies ahead.

The waterfall drops, measuring around 25 feet or 7.5 metres in height. It has many swimming areas and holes. 

Upon reaching the waterfall, you will be greeted by a mesmerising sight – water cascading over moss-covered rocks in a symphony of blues and greens. The pool at the base of the waterfall entices visitors to take a dip in its refreshing waters, providing a welcome reprieve from the tropical heat. 

Surrounded by nature’s tranquillity, you can swim, relax, and bask in the sheer beauty of this natural wonder.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, cliff jumping is a popular activity at Uvita Waterfall. With varying heights to choose from, it’s an exhilarating experience that will test your courage and leave you feeling exhilarated. 

The surrounding cliffs also offer the perfect vantage point to take in the waterfall’s magnificent views and capture some stunning photos. 

Entry fee is $3 USD per person. 

Things to do in Uvita Costa Rica

9. Hike to the Nauyaca Waterfalls

For nature lovers seeking a truly immersive experience, a hike to the breathtaking Nauyaca Waterfalls should undoubtedly be at the top of your list when visiting the enchanting town of Uvita. 

The well-maintained trails meandering through the lush rainforest provide not only an opportunity to witness the captivating beauty of the cascading falls but also a chance to encounter an array of diverse wildlife and marvel at the abundance of vibrant vegetation that thrives in this tropical paradise.

As you venture deeper into the heart of the rainforest, the symphony of nature’s sounds will serenade you, with the gentle rustling of leaves, the melodious calls of exotic birds, and the occasional sighting of playful monkeys swinging from tree to tree. 

The anticipation builds with each step, as you catch glimpses of sunlight filtering through the dense canopy, illuminating the path ahead.

Finally, as you approach the Nauyaca Waterfalls, you will be greeted by a sight that surpasses all expectations. The sheer power and grandeur of the cascading waters, gracefully descending from towering heights, will leave you in awe. 

The crystal-clear pool at the base of the falls beckons you to take a refreshing dip, offering a moment of pure bliss amid the serenity of nature. 

Alternatively, find a comfortable spot along the riverbank and simply bask in the majestic beauty of these natural wonders.

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, horseback riding to the waterfalls is an option that adds a touch of excitement to your journey. As you saddle up and embark on this exhilarating ride, you’ll be captivated by the stunning vistas that unfold before your eyes. 

Whether you choose to hike or ride, an expedition to the Nauyaca Waterfalls promises an unforgettable encounter with nature’s splendour. 

10. Visit Corcovado National Park

Located on the Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. Known as one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, this park is home to an impressive array of flora and fauna, including jaguars, monkeys, and exotic birds.

From hiking through lush jungle trails to spotting exotic animals like jaguars and monkeys, there’s no shortage of adventure in this national park. 

One of the most popular activities in Corcovado is a guided tour to observe the nesting sea turtles on Playa Llorona (July to November). This breathtaking experience allows you to witness these magnificent creatures up close and learn about their conservation efforts. 

Other activities include birdwatching, waterfall hikes, and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters.

You can also take a boat tour to explore the coastline and discover hidden beaches and waterfalls. Just make sure to plan your visit in advance, as the park has limited accessibility and requires permits for entry. So don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this enchanting rainforest during your trip to Uvita.

Uvita to Corcovado National Park is about a 2 hour drive. San Pedrillo Ranger Station inside Corcovado National Park is about 1.50 hours from Uvita, and once you reach the station most tour guides will assist you with hikes. 

11. Day trip to Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is an absolute must-visit for nature enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience. This enchanting park boasts not only stunning beaches and lush rainforests but also an incredible array of wildlife that will leave you in awe.

Embark on an invigorating hike along the park’s well-maintained trails, immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of nature as you spot playful monkeys swinging through the trees, lazy sloths leisurely moving from branch to branch, and vibrant birds gracefully soaring above.

When you’re ready for some relaxation, bask in the serenity of one of the park’s pristine beaches, where the warm, golden sand meets the crystal-clear waters, inviting you to take a refreshing dip or simply unwind under the gentle caress of the sun.

For an extraordinary adventure, consider joining a guided night tour, where the park’s nocturnal creatures awaken and reveal their hidden wonders. As darkness falls, the forest comes alive with the symphony of mysterious sounds, and your knowledgeable guide will illuminate the secrets of the night, allowing you to witness the captivating beauty of the park after sunset.

Manuel Antonio National Park is best explored from Uvita (without having to switch your base when exploring the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica). 

Tip: The only way to purchase your Manuel Antonio ticket is online and in advance as you cannot buy tickets at the entrance. You can book a ticket here on the Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservación de Costa Rica (SINAC) website. 


Note that the tickets are sold in 40-minute entry time slots beginning on the hour, with the earliest available from 7:00 am (to 7:40 am). The park caps the number of visitors per day, so I recommend booking it early and prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.

12. Visit Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute must-visit destination for animal lovers seeking a truly immersive experience. This exceptional rescue and rehabilitation centre, nestled in the breathtaking Costa Ballena region, goes above and beyond in protecting and caring for injured, orphaned, or displaced animals.

Immerse yourself in the incredible work of the sanctuary’s passionate and dedicated staff. Witness firsthand the specialised care provided to a wide range of species including playful monkeys, gentle sloths, majestic birds, and fascinating reptiles.

Embark on a fascinating guided tour, where knowledgeable guides will enlighten you about the sanctuary’s profound conservation efforts. Get up close and personal with these amazing creatures, forging a connection that will touch your heart.

For those seeking to make a difference, Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary offers volunteering opportunities and gratefully accepts donations. By supporting this vital cause while exploring the enchanting town of Uvita, you can truly make a positive impact.

So, when planning your Costa Rica itinerary, be sure to add Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable, heartwarming experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Entry fee to Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is $33 per adult. Uvita to Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a short 15 minute drive. 

best things to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica

13. Head to the Caño Island Biological Reserve

Located just off the picturesque coast of Uvita, Caño Island Biological Reserve offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience for nature and adventure enthusiasts alike. This protected island, embraced by the sparkling waters of the Pacific, boasts an incredible diversity of marine life, creating a mesmerising underwater world that beckons snorkelers and divers from all corners of the globe.

Due to its protected status, getting to the island can only be arranged through a touring agency. You can book tours from Drake Bay or Uvita.

As you plunge into the crystal-clear waters, prepare to be captivated by the vibrant tapestry of marine life that surrounds you. Swim alongside schools of brilliantly coloured fish, their scales shimmering in the sunlight, and witness the grace and elegance of sea turtles gliding through the depths. 

But your adventure doesn’t end there. You can also embark on a thrilling boat tour around the island, where you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of playful dolphins dancing in the waves or turtles. 

14. Go on a Terraba Sierpe Mangrove & Wildlife Tour

Terraba Sierpe Mangroves National Wetlands is one of the largest mangrove wetlands in all of Central America! The wetlands are a reserve for birds and is a host to important habitat of many species of birds, fish (55 species), shellfish (10 commercially exploited species), mammals and reptiles.  

You can book tours to see these resident and migratory bird species with a guide. Tours start at $85 USD per person. 

Be delighted to see herons, egrets, cotingas, and Pandion haliaetus. On a Sierpe mangrove tour you will find white, black, red, cat and pineapple mangrove trees on your hike.

15. Discover Uvita’s rich cultural heritage

Uvita is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its rich cultural heritage. This charming town boasts a proud history, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the diverse and vibrant cultures that have influenced the region over the years.

Visit the local farmers’ market, held every Saturday, to immerse yourself in the colorful traditions of Costa Rica. Browse through stalls filled with an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and handmade crafts, and interact with friendly locals who are always happy to share their knowledge and stories.

For an even deeper understanding of the region’s culture, visit the Boruca indigenous community. Learn about their traditional way of life, including intricate weaving techniques, ancient medicinal practices, and captivating folklore. Witness a live demonstration of their famous mask-making process, a significant part of their cultural identity and a symbol of their resilience and strength.

And, to truly experience the heart and soul of Uvita, don’t miss out on the annual Envision Festival. This unique celebration brings together diverse cultures from around the world through music, art, workshops, and more. It takes place towards the end of February and lasts for 7 days. Immerse yourself in this vibrant festival and be part of a global community dedicated to sustainability, wellness, and cultural exchange.

The best places to eat in Uvita

When it comes to gastronomic delights, Uvita has something for everyone. From authentic Costa Rican dishes to international cuisine, this charming town offers a diverse array of dining options that will satisfy any craving.

For an authentic taste of Costa Rica, be sure to visit Marino Ballena Restaurant. This local favourite is known for its traditional Gallo Pinto breakfast and mouth watering casados, a classic Costa Rican dish featuring rice, beans, plantains, salad, and your choice of protein.

Craving pizza? Look no further than Restaurante y Pizzería La Fogata. This hidden gem offers delicious wood-fired pizzas with fresh and creative toppings. Plus, their cosy outdoor seating area is the perfect spot to enjoy your slice of heaven with stunning views.

If you’re in the mood for some international cuisine, head to Sabor Español. This charming restaurant offers a fusion of Spanish and Mediterranean flavours, using only the freshest ingredients from. And don’t forget to save room for their homemade desserts, which are simply irresistible.

Whale Tail Brewery is a cool pub located at the heart of Whale Tail Hotel with great views and ambience to mingle with other travellers!

For those looking for a vegetarian dining experience, check out Indómitos Café & Bar. Located in a beautiful open-air setting, this restaurant offers a fusion of international cuisine with a Costa Rican twist. Indulge in their signature dishes while enjoying breathtaking views of the lush rainforest!

No matter where you choose to dine in Uvita, you’re sure to be delighted by the unique flavours and warm hospitality that this town has to offer. 

Bon appétit! So, be sure to come hungry and ready to taste your way through the best of Uvita’s culinary scene. 

Things to do in Uvita Costa Rica

When is the best time to visit Uvita?

Uvita enjoys a tropical climate, with temperatures fairly consistent throughout the year. 

The best time to visit Uvita is during the dry season, which runs from December to April. During this time, the weather is sunny and warm with little to no rain, making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach days. It is also one of the popular times to visit (and it can get crowded).

However, if you’re interested in seeing humpback whales, then plan your trip between July and November. This is when these majestic creatures migrate to the warm waters of Costa Rica, making it the perfect time for whale watching tours.

Keep in mind that even during the dry season, there may still be occasional rain showers due to Uvita’s tropical climate. But don’t let this deter you, as these showers often pass quickly and add to the lush green landscape of the area.

If you’re looking to avoid crowds and take advantage of lower prices, then consider visiting during the green season from May to November. During this time, you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities, but with fewer tourists.

Things to do in Uvita Costa Rica

What to pack for Costa Rica: Costa Rica packing list

Pack lightweight, breathable clothing for the tropical climate. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, a swimsuit, hiking boots, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. A camera is a must to capture the stunning landscapes and unforgettable moments of your trip.

Here is a detailed list of items to pack for your trip to Costa Rica, 

1. Clothing: Pack lightweight, breathable clothing due to Costa Rica’s warm tropical climate. Include a rain jacket for unexpected showers and a sweater for cooler nights. Don’t forget your swimwear for all the water-based fun and a snorkelling or diving set if you plan to explore the underwater world.

2. Footwear: Bring comfortable walking shoes for hiking, water shoes for beach activities, and flip-flops for more relaxed outings.

3. Sun Protection: A high-factor sunscreen, sunglasses, and a broad-brimmed hat are essential to protect against strong UV rays.

4. Insect Repellent: This is a must-have to deter mosquitoes and other insects, especially if you plan to traverse the rainforest or other densely vegetated areas.

5. Binoculars: Useful for spotting wildlife, especially if you plan on a bird-watching excursion.

6. Reusable Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is key, and a refillable water bottle is both convenient and eco-friendly. An essential when you are embarking on a hike, or day long sightseeing trip.

Things to do in Uvita Costa Rica

7. Travel Adapter: Costa Rica uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity, similar to the US. So, if you’re coming from Europe or Asia, make sure to bring a travel adapter.

8. Personal Medication: Always pack enough of any prescribed medications you require, and remember to bring a basic first-aid kit.

9. Waterproof Bag: Useful for protecting your valuables and electronics during water activities or in case of rain.

10. Snacks: While the local food is delicious, having some of your favourite snacks on hand can be comforting especially when you venture out on long hikes (do not litter)

11. Book or Kindle: Bring a book or kindle with you to read as you soak in the sun or unwind by the pool!

12. Travel Insurance: Don’t forget to buy travel insurance! 

Remember, packing light is always beneficial. So, pick versatile pieces that can be re-worn and choose travel-sized toiletries where possible. The key is to be prepared for the adventure that awaits in beautiful Uvita! 

Uvita truly offers something for every type of traveller, whether you seek adventure, relaxation or an educational experience. With its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and warm hospitality, this hidden gem in Costa Rica is a must-visit destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

So pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey in Uvita. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep making memories! 

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Costa Rica Uvita

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