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Talking Walls – Soul Scarves

30 Jan 2020 | Lifestyle

Meet Walldog – Talking Walls, a fashion brand with a passion for handcrafted commercial signs from around the world with who I love to collab.

**disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but this doesn’t change the fact that I share my own honest experiences regarding these products.**

‘Walldog’ is the nickname for the lesser-known American artists who were only ‘good enough’ to paint commercial signs on windows and walls in the early 1900’s in the United States. For sign painters around the world, small businesses serve as an inspiration for their beautiful typographic art. These artists defend true craftsmanship by painting their art on windows and walls. Now the brand continues their work on the scarves.

The brand crafts high quality scarves with unique prints that all tell a different story. For example the above displayed rose, which really is an image from a match box out of India. More stories behind the scarves can be found on the website through the numerous videos. Wear the designs as a scarf, skirt or dress. Or use it as a beach towel on an occasional romantic summer evening. It’s a real pleasure to wear a design with meaning, and a soul, made with passion.

All Walldog scarves are manufactured in Indian textile ateliers with whom their stylists built a strong partnership throughout the years. All styles are made of premium quality, soft and sustainable fabrics, manufactured with respect for environmental and working conditions.

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