6 Spanish cities you need to visit

After our latest trip to Bilbao, I can finally say that I have visited all major cities in Spain. From charming Seville to touristic Alicante, or from the adventurous Barcelona to romantic Zaragoza, Spain no longer holds any secrets for me. I love to really get to know a country and let it grow in my mind. I think it's important to understand the culture and especially to go on an adventure within this cultural context.

The following Spanish cities have left the greatest impression on me and are certainly worth a visit.


The second largest and most vibrant city in the country. World famous for Gaudi and his Sagrada Familia. Terrific food, nice shops, a vibrant nightlife, splendid beaches and a lot of culture, the city has it all to offer. Large, clear and colorful, Barcelona is pure photo candy and will give you the most beautiful images, no matter in which direction you look.

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Park Güell

Park Güell

Bunkers del Carmel

Bunkers del Carmel


Valencia is considered the City of Arts and Sciences and is home to some impressive and futuristic buildings like the oceanarium and planetarium and the interactive museum.

You can't help but to fall in love with the city instantly. It's a hip city, without the mass tourism like you have in Barcelona. The city lies at the sea and because of the pleasant weather, you can enjoy the beach all year round.

You can eat the best tapas on the covered market at Central Bar By Ricard Camarena.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias


The greenest city in the country attracts thousands of visitors every year thanks to the astonishing Guggenheim museum. But the colorful city has so much more to offer.

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Guggenheim museum

Guggenheim museum



Although this region is very touristy, it is certainly worth a visit. The nearest airport is Alicante, about half an hour away from Murcia. Make a stopover on the way in Elche, the shoe paradise of Spain.

You can eat the tastiest tapas in the Restaurant Meson Meson El Granaino.



El Parmeral, Elche

El Parmeral, Elche


The Spanish capital is the perfect destination for a weekend trip. Madrid is elegant and classy, and overloaded with art, beautiful architecture and lovely parks.

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Like everywhere in Spain, the weather in Marbella is almost always sunny. It is the city where the most beautiful yachts are moored and where you picture yourself in shopping paradise. Marbella is a superb destination with its beaches, nightlife, good food and most beautiful hiking trails. What else could anybody possibly want?

Marbella 2.jpg


What a city! Seville is by far one of the most beautiful European city trips I have ever taken. The city where flamingo dancing was invented and became world famous. Everywhere in the city you will find the most beautiful building facades and cozy squares with trendy or classic bars & restaurants throughout the city . Although it was 40 degrees when I visited the city in the summer, I enjoyed every second. I can't wait to visit this city again. 

To further indulge the senses there is the excellent Cathedral of Saint Mary, Plaza de Espana, the Alcazar palace as well as the Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz, a beautifully preserved Jewish District.


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