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Miami’s top places to visit during a weekend getaway

30 Jan 2020 | Destinations, North America

Miami will always have a special place in my heart. One of my best friends lived here for two years and she was the best guide! It was also the first trip that my boyfriend and I made together and where our love really ignited.

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The most convenient way to get around by far is Uber. As you have to wait maximum five minutes for your driver nonetheless where you may be in this metropole and since it is way cheaper than a normal taxi, definitely install Uber before your trip.

Miami is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches, all filled with palm trees. South beach is the beach to see and to be seen, although it is not really our thing. We spent some time there but merely to cross it off our checklist. Do not forget to walk on Ocean Drive and memorize back to countless iconic movie scenes, but also to admire the Art Deco architecture up close.

Do you prefer a slightly quieter day at the beach? Then go to Crandon Beach. Here you can enjoy your time without being disturbed. Don’t forget to preprare your own picnic as you will find no shops neither.

If beaches are not really your thing and you prefer to do something more active, you can go kayaking between the manatees on the Orange River. Or take a walk through the Everglades between the alligators, which is much more pleasant and cheaper than with a boat. Be sure to bring bug spray however, it is crawling with mosquitoes.

Visit Wynwood, a bustling neighborhood with trendy shops and great restaurants.

You can see the most beautiful sunsets from the garden of The Standard Hotel, while enjoying some of their delicious cocktails.

Are you a basketball fan? Then be sure to support an evening for The Miami Heats at The American Airlines Arena. Even when not a fan, the experience is worth the pricy tickets.

If you have more time, make a trip to Key West, the road to the island alone is already breathtaking.

Food & Drinks:

✶ Dinner in Alter Miami

✶ A night out in The Brick, Wynwood

✶ Visit Little Havana, here you can eat almost everywhere very good, authentic and cheap food

✶ Cheese, wine and dine in a romantic setting in Lagniappe House

Belgian citizens need an ESTA, for a maximum stay of 90 days. You can apply for the ESTA online. Your passport needs to be valid during your stay.

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