My everyday skincare routine

At the beginning of the new year I promised myself to take better care of my body. Even more, I finally stopped smoking.  Although it is still difficult at times, I feel much better. I also try to pay more attention to my diet and exercise regularly.

I have started using more organic beauty products and my skin has never looked better.

During my daily work shifts, make-up is obligatory, and as a result I often suffered from impurities and black dots in my face. But since a few months most of the impurities have disappeared and I feel so much better.

I'm a big Grown Alchemist fan. Grown Alchemist is a skin improvement program, based on natural ingredients that focuses on full anti-aging care for the skin, hair and body.  Grown Alchemist uses natural technologies that realise great effects without the use of harmful and chemical ingredients.

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist

Weekly rituals

On Sunday I try to pamper myself and I apply a hair and face mask.

Lush soaps and hair mask

Lush soaps and hair mask

I scrub my body with the sandstone from Lush in the shower.  I make my facial scrub myself and it is full of vitamins and minarels.

Unfortunately, organic products are not the cheapest, but some products are easy to make yourself, so take a look every once in a while at my IGTV.  I regularly post videos about making products yourself.

Do you have questions about certain products?  Feel free to leave a comment under this blog post, or send me an email.

My morning ritual

Under the shower I wash my face with the gentle facial gel from Grown Alchemist, I wash my body with soap from Lush. I always buy them in pieces and choose a different scent each time.

I hydrate my face with the hydra repair day cream from Grown Alchemist (which my boyfriend also uses every day). I spoil my body with the intensive body cream of the same brand.

To remove my make-up I use the Grown Alchemist toner and the Grown Alchemist Detox eye-makeup remover.

My evening ritual

Every evening I use a Josh Rosebrook serum together with the Rose Quartz Roller and the Gua Sha Rose Quartz Stone. The serum absorbs well and gives my skin everything it needs after a working day in dry HVAC controlled air.

See here how to proper use these tools.

Rose quartz roller & Gua Sha Rose Quartz Stone

Rose quartz roller & Gua Sha Rose Quartz Stone

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